A couple of years ago, I did a post on my friends that I think look like celebrities or other people.  It wasn’t insanely popular but it was fun for me. I love doing it because I am constantly thinking “hey that person looks like _________ “.

I have been saving up a list of people for round two. (Now you know what I do in my free time)

Some of these look-a-likes have been pointed out before and are not original to me.  Others are being called out for the first time.  Either way I just cannot hold this post in any longer and want to share it with the world.  I do not mean to offend anyone if I say you remind me a celebrity that you think is ugly, or evil. It might be one thing like your smile or hair or it could be your persona or swagger.  Know that this was done in fun and with a light heart.

I can’t find pictures of ever individual looking exactly like the other to back up my theory, but at some point I have seen pictures of the famous person or the other in person that can support my claims…I did my best! Without further delay…



Lots going on, lots on the mind. I’ve been avoiding writing a mind dump because I have been watching lots of things unfold and processing.  More than ever I don’t have answers, but here are my thoughts and things rolling around in my head.

  • This is the weirdest year I have had in student ministry, not a bad year but a weird year.
  • Our senior class has been the class our ministry has been built on.
  • Everyone’s first year at a church is just getting situated and so this class is the first class we have brought through in our current configuration.
  • When our numbers went up it was them, they are a big class and they have always brought friends.
  • This year they are M.I.A.
  • Our numbers have taken a hit and its noticeable but that isn’t the issue.
  • What I am ready to cry about is when I start taking mental lists of people we used to minister to and I used to see loving the church who are gone.
  • I guess that is a part of being in ministry and it happens every year and I have seen this before but this year it is epidemic.
  • There is no rule that says if someone doesn’t come to a Wednesday night or a small group for a semester they can’t get into heaven, but it breaks my heart.
  • If you love God you will love his church and it is hard to see them not worshipping or fellowshipping with believers and not be concerned.
  • Naturally this has made me get introspective at our discipleship process.
  • Don’t worry I am not down on my self, I still have problems with liking myself too much, but here is what I am processing and wanting to evaluate fairly.
  • Last year at a conference I heard a pastor say that if Hershey’s had empty wrappers coming out at the end of their factory they would be looking at the process.
  • Our leadership development must get better.
  • Our grace (small) groups must get better. Having said all this we have an amazing core of students on Wednesdays, 7 different small groups, and a great staff.
  • Our worship planning needs to get better and involve more personalities and giftings.
  • I don’t want my schedule, administration, management, creativity, or anything else to bottleneck our ministry.
  • We have all played critic when we see this for someone else and I want to be honest of the ways I am setup to let it take place.
  • Next year we are transitioning to a team that will have elders, deacons, staff, and leaders that will lead our student ministry team and I have been asked to lead that team.
  • I/We need to ask these questions now before the inadequacies in our ministry effect middle school and high school students and staff.
  • The good news of this stuff is that when we are aware of our own shortcomings we see things they way they are and know how much we need God.
  • I am praying for God’s wisdom.


It’s no secret that people in ministry don’t usually make as much money as some other professions.  You don’t have to be around a group of youth pastors long until you hear some “I’m so poor” or “woe is me” stories and jokes.  The truth is all Americans are blessed and I am too so none of us can complain. On the other hand, money is mentioned more than any other topic in the Bible and certainly trips people up all the time.

Most of my beliefs on money can be summed up in this video, so please watch it.


I have never really written on this topic so I thought I would share a quick list of things our family does to stay on budget. Some people learn this stuff as adults from Dave Ramsey, but I am from the school of Ron and Jeanne. I am not judging you or telling you everyone has to do these things….just sharing.

  1. We only pay cash for stuff. The only thing I will ever take out a loan for is a house. We will not even go in debt for a car or education.  Good thing I didn’t need to go to medical school that would mess with my rule.
  2. We don’t have cable.  People think I am ridiculous for this one but I don’t see the point, and need the buffer.
  3. We only buy clothes that are on sale or clearance racks. Ok, once a year I buy something that costs $25 but only when I splurge.
  4. We shop at Aldi.  That is a 4 letter word to some….ok maybe to all since it actually has 4 letters.

What do you do to save money?