What is one to do when there is just too much to say in a post that would stay on topic, be cohesive, or make sense in any way?…You write a mind dump of course.

  • I have been waiting since high school to be a church planter….I love it.
  • Often when people describe a phase of life to you it isn’t true. We all got marriage or parenting suggestions from someone we were convinced had no idea what they are talking about. Most people told me that in the church planters the highs would be higher and the lows would be lower…..that is exactly true.
  • Today was our 9th Sunday since we started public services at the Harmony Artistic Center.
  • I think this next week will be the one where all the kinks are gone. After that I will just blame mistakes on other people and their imperfections.
  • I have always gone to churches that announced and cared about the time change keeping people from church, this was my first time on the other side.
  • I love my team. Whenever I am stressed I just start picturing names and faces of people and what God is doing in them.  We are blessed to have some great people who are gifted and so committed. I cannot imagine doing this without them.
  • I just bought a bunch of new worship music. I am just trying to keep up with Josh Howard.
  • Today starts a Daniel Fast that many on our team are doing from now until our grand opening. You won’t hear me talk about it again, but I am excited for our team to see God in these 21 days.
  • We have a team from Grace Fellowship in Pickerington coming next week to help us get the word out about the Egg Drop. That church bleeds for us and is in full partnership and it is super refreshing.
  • Speaking of The Egg Drop I bought to promote it. That is where the link goes.
  • I own a lot of Movement Church related dot coms. Its what I get for letting people like Ben Arment and Brandon Rike influence me. I think they own like 100 each.
  • Today I got all the Movement Church stuff out of my basement and finally put it in the storage locker (minus the 40k eggs). Its like I gained a while new room at my house.
  • I got the stuff out of the basement because I could, but also because I think between now and Memorial Day I will be slowly finishing our basement. I hope to someday house some interns or a resident there if it helps us multiply churches.
  • We have our teaching calendar planned out for the next year. We will do a relationships, love, sex series next February. I got some back issues of 614 magazine that have a Columbus specific survey about sex and related topics this week. It is fascinating to say the least and for better or worse good to know our demographic.
  • I thought about putting some thoughts up here about love/marriage/sex and all that stuff since its one of my favorite things to teach on.
  • Its funny how 7 years after you start as a student pastor the floodgates open for doing weddings and pre-marital weddings. I am busy right now connecting with former students and it is great to see what God is doing and where he has taken them.
  • Tomorrow night I am going to the Encounter Church elder’s meeting. Still so grateful for the vision they have to multiply in us and give us financing too.
  • In the last few months I have been contacted by so many closet church planters and closet parents of adoption. I love getting to share our stories and hopefully get them a little closer to the edge and jumping.