The last few months as Movement Church has started, we have been in the honeymoon phase. It wasn’t that we were hiding the bad stuff, there just wasn’t any.  I think most people can relate often in the beginning of something everything is exciting and everyone is living in perfect harmony and everything is prefect.

We aren’t imploding, but that phase is over and things are real. Not bad, but real. In the past month we have handled issues on our team, things on our budget, and just the general overwhelming feeling of timelines getting closer and the work piling up.   This is an exercise for me as much as anyone else, because Sunday was so encouraging I kept thinking “I need to blog about all this”.  Here is a list of things that remind me of God’s goodness, his provision, and the Momentum he is giving our church.

  • Sunday we broke up into the three teams that we want everyone to have a role in to make Sunday mornings happen.  Those teams are Creative Arts, Movement Kids, and First Impressions.  Those teams are finally taking shape, enlisting people, and able to look toward launch.
  • The coaches for those teams have been in place for months and I am so grateful for the time, energy, and leadership they have given to build a team. One report from a meeting on Sunday was that “it was run perfectly, was organized, and gave everyone on the team confidence, clarity, and made them want to serve”.
  • One of the “stresses” of this month is that we are purchasing and ordering so many things. That is not a problem, that is a blessing that God has given the funds to launch with stuff.
  • We had our movement group on Sunday night and I am thankful for how well that group has gelled and learned community and how to care for each other.
  • I am also thankful for the growth I have seen in my apprentice Andy. He lead one of the greatest groups I have ever sat in. He is functioning well in his gifting of being a feeler and using it to know where the group and night should go and what they need.
  • We pay Josh Howard part time but he is doing full time work right now. I don’t know if this is how he designed his schedule, but he is faithful, humble and works tirelessly. So thankful to have in ministry beside me.