Anyone who has been immersed in week to ministry whether paid or not can tell you that sometimes it is nice to take a breath and go to church without any pressure or responsibilities.  Today I had that privilege. Our friend Rachel who we are staying with has attended Christ Fellowship for a couple years.  A little over a year ago she helped them launch their 5th campus in West Kendall.  This campus meets in a movie theatre.  I have studied churches that do this, read the blogs of their pastors, and seen the pictures and videos, but until today had never attended one.  Here are my thoughts..

  • I was blown away by how easy this whole process was.  This church has a couple different places that they store things and it didn’t seem to inconvenience the theatre in anyway. 
  • Not everyone has it as easy as this church, but it actually made me wonder why some churches ever build buildings.
  • As an American I feel like I am programmed to like church in a theatre more.  Some people pay to try and make their sanctuary a theatre, but here it was already done and worked pretty seamlessly.
  • I learned that they pay their worship leader but the two campus pastors are volunteers with full time jobs during the week.
  • Their children’s area was well put together.  Obviously portable, but secure and creative.
  • Again, there student service naturally had much of the atmosphere that we had to pay to create in our room.
  • The worship was good, from band to sound, to lights.
  • Guest services got me everything I needed and more.
  • The X-factor was that I had so many nice people introduce themselves to me and go out of their way to shake our hands and say “hi”.  They could have had great signs, a cool logo, and awesome lights and graphics, but stopped at that. It was good to see a ministry mindset from the people and be personally greeted by the two campus pastors even though the church is fairly large.


We made it to Miami.  We are staying with our friend from our Grace Days-Rachel Tomlinson.  The girls are out shopping and left me home with Malachi.  I am inspired for a little mind dump on the last week or so.

  • I have traveled entirely too much this month. This vacation doesn’t count but the travel leading up to it was a ridiculous period.
  • It’s not that any of the things I did were bad (conference, two speaking engagements) but I I need to get better at handling my calendar and the overall flow of life.
  • I spoke at two retreats because I wanted to be stretched as a speaker. That was one of my goals for the year that I have worked on along with taking all my vacation days and spiritual days away.  Now I need to work on that album I made a goal.
  • Not for the album but while in Indiana last week I got to record for fun like old times sake with my friend Matt Neimier.
  • I also got to catch up with my friend Jeremy Byng.  So freaking sweet to tour his church, hear about his ministry and see his new house.  It all couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.
  • I was in Indiana last week for the CE National Leadership Summit.  It was a great event.  What I liked most was the low-key approach, I left feeling refreshed and rested.
  • My biggest take home was from Tim Eldredge. I was challenged to equip and put youth IN ministry instead of being a hired coach who walks on the field and essentially takes his team out of the game.
  • We got to Miami yesterday and laid low when we arrived.
  • Today we went down to South Beach and after being there for all of 2 seconds ran into the Muckway’s from our church.
  • Back to vacationing, my goals for this week are to get burnt slightly and expand my freckle base as well as watch Dwayne Wade play basketball.