weSHARE 2010 – POST #1

Anyone who knows me knows that I love ice cream. Many people like ice cream but there is something about ice cream and summer that usually results in me putting on 10 lbs. I committed to fast for the gospel for weSHARE 2010.  As I thought about what I could sacrifice and hopefully save some money by eliminating from my life, the clear answer was ice cream. I am not going to eat any sweets or ice cream for the entire month of May. Still a small sacrifice in perspective with those who give their lives for the gospel, but that is my commitment. Graduation party season will be a painful time, but I can make it.



I was recently asked to participate in a web event called weSHARE. WeShare is a Great Commission fast to support missionaries.

Over the next month myself and some other bloggers you can find on the website will be documenting our journey. This week I will explain my heart for this and what I am giving up for the gospel.

What is weShare?

It’s our “Great Commission Fast” to support our missionaries

How’s it work?

Choose to give up daily extras to give the money saved to the Great Commission


“…how can they hear…believe…unless they are sent? (Romans 10:14-15)

What’s the goal?

If each of us sacrifices $3/day, together weShare will raise $300,000 for our missionaries

When does it take place?

May 1st — May 31st

Click here to give now!

To learn more contact Dave Lewis at 574-268-1888 ext 29 or dlewis@gbim.org


I am so far behind on life thoughts. Easter Sunday, Worship Night, and re-doing a whole house on top of normal life leave me no choice but a little mind dump to catch up.

If you follow my Twitter you already know most of this in shorthand.

Easter Sunday

  • Second year in a row I got to lead worship on Easter.
  • To say that it was tiring would be an understatement.
  • We did 3 services like usual but they had a whole lot more people in em.
  • Second service was the fullest our building can handle. I’m glad no fire marshals were in attendance.
  • We kept with what we have been doing on holidays recently and wove music and the message together. The longest Rick ever preached was 7-10 minutes in 3 places.
  • After the services we drove to My Grandma Sands’ 85th birthday party. I missed her 80th when we lived in Indiana during seminary and I was able to redeem myselfJ
  • We also got to hang out with Meme my other grandma.

Home Improvement

  • If you thought this section would be about a crappy sitcom featuring Tim Allen and JTT I apologize. (I bet that comment offended Josh Atkins and Jeff Beckley)
  • We finally finished our woodfloor install. In total it pretty much took four days. Now I just have to put the quarter round on by the base boards but it can wait a while.
  • We also painted the kitchen and back dining room wall a color of gold.
  • We got new countertops. Just laminate nothing special but way better than the butcher block ones we had before that were twenty years old.
  • Didn’t get new cabinets, but we are finally switching out the hardware to something silver from this decade.
  • Tonight I just have to do a ton of clean up and put the fridge back. I can see the light at the end of the home improvement tunnel.

Carrie Underwood

  • Yes I took my wife to see Carrie Underwood. A concert seems to be the best way to trick her into a long date within 6 months of a baby.
  • She was in heaven and I must admit it was a really great show.
  • I didn’t know who the opener was but it turned out if was Craig Morgan so I loved that. He brings out the hick in me pretty quick.
  • Every concert we go to I love to check out the production.
  • I counted at least 90 gobo smart lights in Carrie’s rig…..they probably cost 10k a piece.
  • She also had a giant tree limb drop from the celing…and a rope swing too.
  • The coolest thing she did was have a truck with the bed as a stage go the whole way around the outline of the floor on a cable. Great gimmick to be close to people but still be on a stage and not take up floor seats.
  • I knew that Carrie Underwood was a believer but have recently become more impressed by her faith walk as she gets to write more of her songs and control her artistry. I was really impressed with the overall night including her doing a medley with her new single Temporary Home (talks about being aliens in this world as Christians) into a knockout version of How Great Thou Art.

NCO District Worship Night

  • NCO district worship night on Wednesday was awesome. Here’s a video.
  • We had about 350 people and collected 1250 dollars for student ministry in Africa.
  • Not sure why but my own students didn’t really come out to it; easily our lowest night of the year.  What’s up HSM?
  • The band was great.  Big ups to Jeremy and Terra Bury.
  • Jeremy because he had his licensure exam that morning and handled the stress well.  He is a young theologian.
  • Terra is like 9.5 months pregnant so she deserves a shou tout too.
  • Chris Solyntcjes drove down. That guy has forgotten 10 times more about music, tech, and worship than I will ever know. It was great to see him.
  • My NCO small group friend played bass. He is a young Phil Collins.
  • Vickie Darrough and her team knocked the food out of the park. Hopefully it gives some other ministries a vision for what they can do. Check out this pic

And now, you’re up to date!