My wife is leaving Saturday at 3:30am to catch a 4:30ish flight to San Francisco.  She is helping to lead our level 2 HSM trip to the YWAM facility there.  You can follow the team and all their adventures and prayer requests by blog and pictures here.

The good part is that as I have shared I get Malachi all to myself… 

I have had him overnight a couple times, but this is the big one.  The grandparents will both be in for the days next week while I am at work, but Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are all mine.


Here are some things we will have to do…

  1. Work out and swim everyday
  2. Take showers, because men don’t take baths
  3. Have some hip-hop dance parties.


Having Malachi is the exciting challenge, but the bad side is that I will be away from my wife Here are some reasons I will miss her.

  1. She is hot.
  2. I come home everyday and download my day to her. Sometimes she calms me down and sometimes I get her worked up.
  3. She is my best friend and we do everything together.  


Well as usual my posts have been lacking recently so why not catch up with some bullet points mind dump!

  • Operation Barnabas orientation is going on at our church right now.
  • That means we have 15 incredibly encouraging adults and 100 just as encouraging students under one roof…what a privilege.
  • I am excited to get some time with them all this week and for our staff to cross paths.
  • The teams will be picked later this week and you can follow their orientation and team blogs here.
  • We have 3 women who are handling the food for OB orientation.  The food is so good it blows my mind. I am just eating my meals at the church. I actually feel bad for the students because they will be spoiled and than get out on tour and have to eat cheap hot dogs and fritos.
  • Dave Guiles from GBIM spoke at our church this morning on the nations and was on point!
  • The last couple weeks I have been hiding out and recharging from the school year but it has been good to hang out with my grace group again.  Noah McCaman is a good looking kid.
  • HSM has two trips taking off next week; Urban Hope and San Francisco.
  • Kristin is going on the San Fran trip, so that means some quality time for me and Malachi. I am excited.  I will tough it the first weekend and than my parents are gonna come down and go to the zoo and spoil him.
  • OK, so I gushed about OB being here but the busyness has had one let down.  My friend Tug was part of sponsoring a concert with Lecrae and the whole Reach Records label in Lima.  I was unable to go to the concert and Tug made sure through voicemails and twitter that I knew that he saved spots for me backstage and all that jazz.  Anyone who reads this knows I like hip hop way too much and Lecrae is truly someone that encourages me in Christ and musically. I can’t stress enough how much I wanted to be at that show. I am sorry to Tug and sorry to myself for letting me down.
  • Sidebar-Read Tug’s blog and pray for his next step as he is transitioning from his church.
  • Just watched the Lakers win a championship.  Really been watching Kobe and reading up on his work ethic, and his quest as a man, father, husband, player, and leader.  He is on a level that the league is not.
  • Having said that I love Lebron and the Cavs more, but as Ali G says “Respect” to Kobe.
  • Tomorrow is the day off. We are hitting the Y together as a family and I am sure we will also try the usual water activities/zoo trip and some yard mowing in the middle.