Road Trip

Anyone want to join me on a road trip?

I want to go see my buddy Jason Rice and his wife Casey and also visit some churches I have been watching and want to experience. I want to keep learning and these places seem to have something figured out. The list goes…….

1) Hope Community Church (Jason’s church and the largest in the FGBC) in Raleigh North Carolina on a Saturday at their 5:30 service

2) Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina on a Sunday morning for their 11:30 service

3) Newspring Church in Anderson, South Carolina for their 4:15 or 6:00 Sunday night service.


Living the life…

In the last three days I…..

1) Took a busload of students to Cedar Point and got home at one in the morning
2) Drove our Operation Barnabas students to Grace Church in Lititz, PA and back (12 hours in the car)
3) Killed the hundreds of ants taking my office/desk over
4) Showed my humane side by soonthereafter rescuing a mom and baby racoons from the church dumpster

Ahhh the ministry life, you gotta love it!


Our high school ministry changes gears for the summer and doesn’t have our traditional Wednesday night and Sunday morning options. This gives me much more time to dream and plan to the future and next fall (which is good considering I will be only home for 6 days in July courtesy of summer trips/conferences). Anyway here is a random list of things I am praying and thinking toward for next year as our ministry grows and gains momentum.

What does a leadership development program look like for us?
What can we do better than anyone else and build upon? Not in a selfish way, but what are our strengths?
Gathering new and returning adult staff.
Can I speak at my best if I am doing it more than once a week?
How can I best untilize our new youth basement that should be done around July 15?
We have two pronged programming…
Sunday Middle Hour stresses a core time of growth featuring small groups…what has to happen in that time?
Wednesday Night stresses reaching new people. What has to happen in this time to make it effective?

There are many more, but if anyone has any advice, ideas, or thoughts feel free to share……..

A little about me…

borrowed from Scott Distler’s blog I thought I would give a few of my favorite things today!

Sport: Basketball
Baseball Team: Cleveland Indians
Football Team: Cleveland Browns
Basketball Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
College Team: The Ohio State Buckeyes
Bird: Blue Jay
State: Tennessee…but I have love for Cali and Georgia
Radio Station: Top 40 with a leaning toward hip hop…..107.5 or 97.9 in Columbus
Current Television Drama: Shark
Classic Sitcom: I Love Lucy
Trip: Los Angeles
Sandwich: Jersey Mike’s Classic Supreme
Spiritual Hero: I know people will laugh, but TobyMacis my boy:)
Television Preacher: I like to watch Ed Young on youtube, does that count?
Author: John Maxwell
American President: I went to W’s first innaguration so I always feel a connection with him.
Event in American History: Underground Railroad
Bible Character: Paul
Hobby: Caring about pop culture way to much
Day Off Activity: Sleeping in
Soda: It’s called pop and I drink it much
Landmark: Southern most point Buoy in Key West
Cereal: Raisin Bran…the healthy kind from Trader Joe’s
Candy Bar: Peanut Butter M&M’s
Holiday: Christmas…is there any other?
Flavor of Ice Cream or Milk Shake: Pumpkin
Salad Dressing: Caesar
Salad Bar Item: Ham cubes
Childhood Memory: Playing with the family band and going to church camp
Place to think: with my Macbook in my hands reading ministry blogs
Season: Fall…it’s what pale people prefer
Pie: Strawberry
Vegetable: green beans
Hot Drink: I don’t like hot drinks and hate coffee so I guess hot chocolate
Movie of All Time: Revenge of the Nerds…made for TV version
Day of the Week: Sunday
Collection: Pop culture things that will someday build my “Applebees basment”
Coffee: Already said I hate it. I usually get something resembling a milkshake at Starbucks
Bible Verse: Romans 8:38-39
Cake: Texas Sheet
News Source:
Person: My wife

The Last Week

It’s been a busy couple of days…

1) I have attended 7 graduation parties and DJed another graduation dance party
2) I watched my brother in law Brennan place second in the state in the 4×800 relay at the OHSAA State track meet
3) I watched Lebron James jump up to the next level of sweetness
4) I am now watching Lebron James try to raise the hopes and dreams of Cleveland and get us to the NBA finals
5) Tomorrow is graduation Sunday at church and we start Middle Hour electives