Brandon Rike is a designer, friend, cousin-by-marriage, and man that I respect the heck out of.

He has a blog and recently wrote some posts (post 1, post 2) that were (kind of) about design but also about life.  I think anyone who is living in the years of 25-35 (or any age for that matter) can relate to them and learn from them.

Here was my favorite quote of all….

“I must maintain a certain amount of reckless abandon when it comes to pursuing my ideas. I must be ready to learn from failures. I must not take myself too seriously. I must allow myself regular time to do the things I love. I must not be afraid to pursue an idea that pops into my head. I must stay a little crazy. I must stay a little foolish. I must not turn my career in design into a corporate rat race job – I am an artist, and it’s okay to act like one every now and then. Finally, I must be okay with doing less freelance client work if it means that I can fulfill other passions.”