In his talk at Catalyst, Jim Collins’ suggested that people should have a stop doing list, more than a to do list.  For me that concept was a big shift and really got me thinking.  It got me thinking what should my ministry stop doing?

1. I must stop making things dependent on me.

I feel I am pretty good at delegation, but I joke with my staff that I want to get to the place where I could die and no one would miss me:)

I want to give things away.  Not just small things that I still oversee, but I want to give away the conception and vision process, the management, and the execution.  Until I am doing that things are still dependent on me.  Obviously there is a tension that I do this for a living, but I want my legacy to be equipping.

2. I should stop letting individuals steer the ship. 

By that I mean one critic whether a student, parent, or someone else cannot  alter what we do.  There are times and places where one person can move a group.  If you have 10 students and 2 or 3 are from the same family you might be more inclined to flex for a parent, but our ministry is past that.  This might sound arrogant, but it also means that less and less can my decisions steer the ship and change what we do when it will affect more and more volunteers and students who are invested in what we do.

3. I must stop being content with myself

If I am being honest there are times when I can sit back and be happy.  Our vision is being accomplished every week reaching students through Wednesday nights and than growing them in grace groups toward service and outreach into leadership.  I don’t want to be unappreciative, but I want to also not get complacent and think that God’s work here is done or that I have arrived.

I could come up with more and I might later. What do you need to stop doing?


Off to an elder’s meeting in a few minutes but couldn’t help but show the world this pic from family dinner. Malachi is learning to smile for pictures.  (At least those taken on the macbook when he can see the screen)


family dinner

family dinner


Because it is my duty, here is the stuff I think you should care about going on in the pop culture world…


Lots of stuff going on and it has been scientifically proven that there is no better way to cover it all than a little MIND DUMP!

  • Headed to Wayne County to kick it with the family next weekend.  Malachi is so cute it is going to blow their minds.
  • Loved this post on bringing in friends (in ministry) from the outside to bless your ministry.  Making plans to bring in a few friends.
  • I don’t have a daughter, but I might someday.  Either way I speak to high school girls every week in HSM.  I am seeing some churches do series’ for women and wondering if this book (check out the table of contents) could prove as an outline for an all girls series for us.
  • Even when I am not sharing vision, that is still a vision.  This post made me scared of what a ministry can say when we get lazy.
  • Jim Collins really hit me at Catalyst when he talked about making a NOT to do list.  Seems Mark Batterson really liked it too. I already had a post (soon to come) stirring in me and Kem Myer kept me thinking.
  • I can relate to some of this post on the pain of a lead pastor but more than anything it made me want to hug and pray for my senior pastor.
  • Exciting sneak peak of Mike and Emily McCaman’s future in Mexico.



Lesson Topic: Thing Green Line Week 4: Sacrificial Giving

Attendance: Below Average (Our two big schools had soccer tourney games)

Fun Factor: Above Average.  Had a party at the end and good atmosphere for low numbers.

Volunteer Involvement: Above Average-Our girls are killing it on food every week.

Music: Above Average-We had 7 on stage and I think it created a great dynamic.

Lesson Quality: Below Average-I wasn’t happy with it but it seemed to connect.

Length of Lesson: 24 minutes. That is so long for me.

Student Response: Phenomenal

Tonight was an awesome night of HSM.  We finished our Thin Green Line series by adding a week on Sacrificial giving.  We pulled a page from the Momentum Conference and talked about sacrificial giving taking a one-time offering at the end of the night.  I am so proud of our students the offering was $421.  


Yesterday I mentioned the blog tour to promote Kary Oberbrunner’s new book The Fine Line. 

I will be interviewing Kary on November 27th and will ask him some questions I think my audience would want to know, but I want YOU to be involved too.

I want you guys to supply me with questions to ask him and I will pick one winner who will get a free copy of the book (Kary’s treat).

So go ahead and comment any question you want me to ask.


I have mentioned before that my friend and co-worker Kary Oberbrunner is gearing up for the release of his third book: The Fine Line.

To spread the word about the book, Kary is doing a super-sized blog tour and will be hitting 30 blogs in 30 days from November 10th-December 10th

I am honored to be included on the blog tour with so many incredible ministry leaders and influencers. I think it is safe to say I have no business alongside these people.


I will be interviewing Kary on November 27th. 

For more info on the book check out some early endorsements (more to follow).

If you don’t know much about Kary or The Fine Line, you can check out these videos

Kary’s video Bio

The Fine Line Teaser

The Fine Line Extended Version