First of all I told my students that one of my biggest pet peeves is when people come home from a trip and when asked how it was say “it was good” and don’t mention any way that they grew or saw God.  Having said that, I saw God in some big ways this week.  You can’t spend time in his presence and not be changed.

Chuck Bomar taught a great lesson on identity in Christ.  He had a diagram on how everything in this world changes constantly and shifts so it is bound to let you down. Christ is the only unchanging.

The worship was incredible.  Great times spent in worship singing the themes of Glory to God, giving up our lives, and total surrender.  Closest thing I have seen to heaven was the party that took place Saturday night.

Having said those things, here are my other shallow thoughts in a bulleted list…

  • I have a newfound passion for Momentum. It has taken a while to build identity and atmosphere in our student ministry.  The last couple senior classes have helped us get to where we need to be.  Many groups already have traditions and that atmosphere so group identity and loving doing things together comes naturally.  We just got that this year and even at this conference. Now that we have it I plan to roll that into taking more people next year.  This conference is always good for me and I want people who have the week free and can go to be there.  The conference still costs too much, but I can’t control that. Time to take promotion and recruiting to the next level now that we are where we need to be.
  • Amy gave her life to Christ this week.  You can’t fake the joy in her heart and on her face as she shared that night with us.  So excited to see her grow and tell her story.
  • There aren’t too many things I love more in this life than doing pre-session with Dave. Last year it was all a blur but to get to plan and execute was so much fun.
  • I took Carly’s husband for a week so I should say sorry.
  • I hope to get some video links to our pre-session stuff on youtube if and when they get it put up to use as promotion.
  • We made a new friend in Karl from Urban Hope who let us pick on him all week.
  • We also picked on Dave Rank a lot who got a concussion on the world’s deadliest slip-n-slide.
  • Other big hits were our in the audience talk show “talk it out” and helping people find their inner song through “music of my heart.
  • I always love hanging out with my youth pastor peoples.
  • Got to know the guys from FEE a little better. Pumped for their new album in October.  The single “Glory to God” hits itunes on Tuesday and man is it worth 99 cents.
  • It’s always great to meet up with Obers and see how they have grown.  Luke and Blake are studs and I love seeing guy leaders. Nothing against girls, but guy leaders are few and far between. The maturity and leadership I saw in them is incredible.
  • I got to teach on media in Power Trax to students.  The look on their faces when I told them Lady Gaga’s song Poker face was about lesbianism was priceless.  People gotta pay attention to what their music is saying a little better.
  • I also got to teach youth workers in a generations luncheon.  I love the question and answer format…I just hope I answered them right.
  • Being away from my wife sucked, but she went to San Fran and that was the right choice for this year. Next year, Malachi is going to Sterling, OH and baby 2 will be with us back at Cedarville.

I think that is it for now.  If you didn’t check out my tweets from last week, click on the link on the bar to the right.