I have been checking out the stats for as I continue to work the kinks out and get this thing up and running. I had 147 people check me out in one day so that felt good. I can’t help but wondering if being famous makes your blog good or if your blog being good makes you famous. Either way I am striking out so far.


50 Cent

Some people are just business minded. I have read stories of how Jay Z has hustled his way up the entertain ment ladder to a net worth of more than 350 million. I have read some stories about 50 cent that also made me respect his business sense. The first thing he did with his 1 million dollar signing bonus he got as he was making his first record was pay 400,000 for international copyright to “g-unit”. He than started his brand and containing a record label, group, and clothing line. The clothing line only contained Jeans and T shirts in the first couple of years becasue he had studied people like Jay Z and Diddy that had started hip hop clothing lines in the past and learned that they usually made most of their profits on those two things. He also learned that when they tried to do to much to fast they diluted their brand.
Anyway, I say all this to say that a couple of years ago 50 invested in Glaceau’s Vitamin Water. Everytime I see a preppy soccer mom drinking some vitamin water at the YMCA I laugh thinking they are giving 50 some cash. Well check out this story, because 50 cent as his latest single says “is laughing straight to the bank” because he is the richest hip hop man around now.

Friday mind dump

Well I knew this was the case because I myself was not super excited about American Idol this season and I know that others aren’t either.

Today MTV reported this ” Jordin Sparks is no doubt celebrating her “American Idol” victory, but the show’s organizers might not be so happy with the finale results. Reuters reports that 7 million fewer people tuned into the last episode of the show compared with last year. ”

The good knews is that they go in three year cycles and than find a real star (Kelly, Carrie) so maybe next year will be an up year. Or maybe as they limp toward a decade we will be doomed to people like Ruben, Fantasia, Jordin and Taylor who sell less albums than mildly hot Christian bands.

Oh and while I got you here…….
It’s time for Mark’s ministry note of the week. Check out these pedal cars our church just scored from TSC They are a really cool thing for the price. We already plan to use them at our Memorial day parade, Neighborhood bible clubs, Beyond JUnior High Camp, FCA camp at our church, Wednesday nights next fall, our church parade, and some other uses I forget. When I was at Grace, they bought some that were nicer but cost 1,000 bucks. These are mad cheap and so easy to put together, I almost want to buy my own:)


Today Jeff Martin shared at our staff meeting. He shared this verse…

Philippians 3:17 Brethren, join in following my example, and note those who so walk, as you have us for a pattern.

Can you imagine being so Godly that you can confidently tell people to follow your example. And yet as a pastor I inadvertently say that everyday.

Anyway, Jeff asked who had been an example in our life and what example we are trying to leave to people. I have answers for both but I think I will post those later and just let that verse keep you thinking for now.

A look Back

I saw this on another blog so I decided to steal it and take a look back over the years…

Age 3:
Where Was I?
Sterling, Ohio
Favorite Article of Clothing?
Cowboy boots
Thing That Scared the Crap Out of Me?
Favorite Pastime?
I was three

Age 13:
Where Was I?
Sterling, Ohio
Favorite Article of Clothing?
These two plaid shirts that the cheerleaders always asked to borrow
Who Did I Have a Crush On?
Katie Pamer, I think it was a rule you had to like the cool cheerleader in 7th grade.
What Did I Think I Would Be When I Grew Up?
I didn’t really know. I think I wanted to make money and always said architect or doctor without even knowing what that meant…….And of course in the back of my mind I wanted to be asked to join DC Talk.

Age 23:
Where Was I?
Winona Lake, Indiana
Favorite Article of Clothing?
Old Navy hoodie
Did I Really Think My Hair Looked Good Like That?
Well since I still have the same cut and facial hair I sure hope so.
What Food Did I Encounter For the First Time?
Wassel at the Brumbaugh family get-togethers

Reading (past, present, and future)

Tim Wright who recently became a .com owner like me had a post asking top three must reads and next reads. I am gonna expand that also and add my just reads to round out the list.
You can probably figure these out from my pages above on books I have read and hope to.

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell
The 7 Effective Practices of Effective Ministry-Andy Stanley
The Connecting Church-Randy Frazee

Breakout Churches-Thom Rainer
Simple Church-Thom Rainer
How to Lead and Still Have a Life-H. Dale Burke

Communicating for a change-Andy Stanley
The Creative Leader-Ed Young
The Big Idea-Dave & John Ferguson

The Launch

Well I have been test driving the blog for a while and am now ready to launch. I just bought my .com. I have wanted to do that for 5 years but never really knew where to go with it. Luckily for me with my name I was not in danger of someone else stealing it, so instead of parking the domain for $9 a year I took the chance and let it ride.

Anyway, I am hoping to really embrace this thing, write some articles, get some links, and get some RSS subscribers. All that to contribute to the community I have found and love in blogs. We will see what happens.

Where has Mark been?

Where have I been? Well my last week or so has been evenful to say the least. My wife and I have had to buy a new car courtesy of her 97 Chrysler Concorde Engine transmission being more to fix than the car is worth. Here is what we will sign on tomorrow.
On top of that my faithful ibook of 4 years died on me. I am still a loving fan of Mac’s and so we also bought a
So now I am back and better than ever. A little poorer, but who can complain about new stuff.