Mat Kearney

Got to hear one of my fave’s Mat Kearney tonight on my other fave The Tonight Show with Jay Leno . I love Mat Kearney because he is able to blend Hip Hop/Rap with the accoustic white thing as well as anyone I have seen. I was a fan before he got swooped up by Columbia and toured with John Mayer. I was even a fan before he had his Christian label contract. Tonight he did “undeniable” which was neat to hear on Leno because it is blatantly Christian and Mat got to flow like he doesn’t seem to do as much now that he is getting famous.


I love my job!

If the title doesn’t say it all, I just had the chance to meet with two groups of leaders today.

The first was the adult leaders for our ministry this year. Anyone who has a heart for students and wants to impact them is a friend of mine so it was neat to huddle with people I will go to battle with. I am praying for their impact in a group I am coming to love and value so much.

The second group was our student leaders for the year. Talk about exciting, these are students who are not just happy learning and attending, they want to be pushed, challenged, and held accountable to lead our group and push themselves to reach and grow. I am praying that they will be on fire this year.

I shared this verse with both groups today because they have been rocking me since July.

II Corinthians 5:14-For Christ’s love compels us because we are convinced that one died for all and therefore all died.

If we are understanding the love of Christ and even a fraction of that Grace than we don’t have to worry about compassion, humility, Evangelism, and leadership. Those things will come out of us because they came out of Christ. I am praying that my leaders are compelled by the love of Christ.

10 US places that I would like to visit…

I stole this from a blog I read by Tony Morgan
10 U.S. places I am looking for an excuse to visit……

Nashville, TN-As if I didn’t already love this city and its music culture along with having a childhood dream to plant a church there, now the amazing Zach Boehm has moved there and is dangling little music culture carrots in my face to lure me to Nashvegas.

Phoenix, AZ-I have been to Arizona once before and loved it, but now I have a good friend Dan DeZago who lives there and it would be fun to share his love of camping and hiking while talkin about Mac products

New York, NY-Been there but last I checked it would be really sweet to go back. I stil have to see Conan before he moves to LA and accomplish my life goal of seeing a taping of Saturday Night Live.

Miami, FL-Again, been there but my wife loves the weather and her best friend Rachel “the Bahama mama” Tomlinson so I am would like to go back again.

Seattle, WA-I have never been there and can’t even explain it, but I know that I already love this city and have longed to go there. I am gonna try and go if and when Dead Poetic records another album.

Los Angeles, CA-This was hands down the sweetest getaway vacation wth my wife ever and prayed upon my love of pop cuture so much that I often daydream of going back.

Boston, MA-I don’t know why but it is big and historic and I haven’t been there so it makes the list.

Maine, Anywhere-My friend Travis Davenport lived there and I never made it up before he moved so it is still on the list. I would like him to be my tour guide sometime. While I am up there I would love to go to Vermont and New Hampshire again. it is just awesome and I miss it.

Dallas, TX-I have never experienced anything in Texas but an airport so I would like to see what all the fuss is about.

St. Louis-I am told it would be boring but I have never been anywhere in the “middle U.S.” so for some reason I have always wanted to road trip there some weekend.


Exciting season for me and every other youth pastor these next few weeks.  We all our ramping up our fall ministries.  Mine is special because my wonderful church is putting the finishing touches on our new basement that our students will primarily use.  We have never had a space like this all to ourselves and I cannot describe the potential that we have with the “wow factors” it has.  I am truly blessed and humbled and have it at our disposal.  Hopefully this gives us the potential to reach students on a human level. I have been praying that our students respond and realize that no reaching will be done without them totally losing themselves and deciding to care about friends eternity…..Stay Tuned!

Date Night

Well tonight I proved my love for my wife by clearing the schedule and watching Pride and Prejudice with her.  I must say I was far beyond let down.  I am not to manly to say I enjoyed The Notebook among other sappy love movies and had heard this mentioned in the same breath.  It was not that good.  Next time I will just watch Dirty Work with Norm McDonald:)


Well I have been wanting to really kick this blog into gear now that we are out of the beta test drive and all. I should put some pics up of our little baby who is 3 inches long but I will save the suspense for later. For now I want you all to buy me this for Christmas……