It’s no secret that people in ministry don’t usually make as much money as some other professions.  You don’t have to be around a group of youth pastors long until you hear some “I’m so poor” or “woe is me” stories and jokes.  The truth is all Americans are blessed and I am too so none of us can complain. On the other hand, money is mentioned more than any other topic in the Bible and certainly trips people up all the time.

Most of my beliefs on money can be summed up in this video, so please watch it.


I have never really written on this topic so I thought I would share a quick list of things our family does to stay on budget. Some people learn this stuff as adults from Dave Ramsey, but I am from the school of Ron and Jeanne. I am not judging you or telling you everyone has to do these things….just sharing.

  1. We only pay cash for stuff. The only thing I will ever take out a loan for is a house. We will not even go in debt for a car or education.  Good thing I didn’t need to go to medical school that would mess with my rule.
  2. We don’t have cable.  People think I am ridiculous for this one but I don’t see the point, and need the buffer.
  3. We only buy clothes that are on sale or clearance racks. Ok, once a year I buy something that costs $25 but only when I splurge.
  4. We shop at Aldi.  That is a 4 letter word to some….ok maybe to all since it actually has 4 letters.

What do you do to save money?



  1. Well, I’m a youth pastor, and money is a bit tight, lol. My wife and I do basically the same things that you are talking about. The cool thing is that we have never gone without. The Lord has always made sure that we have a roof, food, clothes and transportation. One of my favorite verses about this is in Proverbs. The Rick paraphrase is “Lord make me rich enough that I don’t have to steal, and broke enough that I still need you.”

  2. we aren’t poor youth pastors but this is what we do…

    we made our apartment a place that we actually LIKE to be. We have couches that are comfortable, a nice tv, good food in our fridge, we dont’ need to go out and spend lots of money trying to escape home. Oh and we decorated the apartment with mostly stuff from craigs list and ebay. love it.

    We dumped the “more is better” and adopted the “quality not quantity” mentality. Nothing against Kohls but I feel like we live in a society where 10 shirts from kohls is somehow better than 1 shirt from jcrew. Yes, you have more shirts, but are those shirts better? No and you most likely spent more on those 10 shirts than if you would have just bought 1 quality shirt.

    We keep a well stocked freezer and pantry. Right now I have 4 meals in the freezer that can be pulled out baked. This saves us from the “i’m hungry, let’s go out for dinner” game.

  3. We have an allowance system for stuff that isn’t food, gas, clothes (which I like to get at Savers), or necessities for our home. $20 each for me and my wife. Once it’s gone, it’s gone until the first of next month. It’s hard to stick to, but it’s well worth it. Sometimes, I’ll save up my allowance when I want to do something expensive, but I’ve found that I don’t miss first-run movies. We talked about going to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader for our anniversary, but went to a free planetarium instead, because it would have broken our rule.

  4. We will never get a credit card… theres nothing like looking around at what we have and knowing we don’t owe anyone anything.

    We will only buy clothes when they are on sale. Video games we get from Cash converters.

    If we want something we can’t afford we put it on layaway (Layby) and pay it off. That way if we decide we don’t really want it we can just cancel it and get our money back – We’ve done that heaps of times.

    Cable and pay TV is a waste of money. Prefer to put the money towards something else.

    On our recent trip to the States my father inlaw gave my little girl $2000 Australian dollars that was specifically to be put into a trust fund until she turns 18. I want my little 2 year old princess to grow up learning how to value money. I believe this can’t be done using a credit card – prove me otherwise.

    We don’t eat out much at all – maybe once a week if lucky. My wife’s cooking rocks.

    I have alot of friends who have put alot of stuff like dvds, white goods, electronics, etc on their credit card. It makes me glad that we don’t still have to pay that stuff off.

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