Life is just too busy to do anything but another life update with bullets…

  • Sally Field is in the Tonight Show right now.  I met her in an airport in 2001 and she wouldn’t take a picture with me, even after I helped he find her daughter-in-law’s stroller and get it off the baggage belt.  I took a vow that day to not like herJ she seems so sweet on TV, but don’t let her fool you.
  • We had the longest Elder’s meeting in my three years tonight…it was also the most encouraging, vision-filled one too.  I have always loved my church, but I LOVE my church right now.
  • Soccer season is in full swing.  Kids camp this week
  • We are house sitting for the Coville’s and their pool this week…life is good!
  • I am so excited about our group at Urban Hope this week.  I just spent some time praying for them and I can’t wait to hear what God does in them this week.
  • I couldn’t share this with the world until now. Here is a pic of the shirts we got for the Urban Hope team and our Operation Barnabas students.  Obviously inspired by Rob and Big, they are a limited run that I hope creates some buzz.




Been a while since  random bullet update…

  • So pumped about our team going to Urban Hope next week.
  • I rented some movies this week. You gotta love 79 cent Mondays at Drug Mart.  I haven’t done that since Malachi was born at least.  They were all terrible but at least I tried. I think it is time to hit up the library for movies again.
  • Our middle schoolers are at Beyond this week. I am too old to be at camp with them.
  • I am moving into my new office soon. I think I am gonna throw a VIP party with a velvet rope and everything. Anyone have one I can borrow?
  • The Celtics Won! I don’t really care…just reporting the news
  • Excited about our 7 students on Operation Barnabas…I am hearing, seeing, and reading some awesome stuff.
  • I am gonna have a couple of big announcements in the coming weeks. No we are not having a baby and I am not leaving my churchJ maybe I should call the medium announcements.
  • I don’t twitter yet, and I refuse to believe it is that cool.  It is the part of blogging none of us like…the personal updates.  I want to hear about leadership and ministry decisions not who you are meeting with and what you are eating for lunch.


Since I got my Macbook I have gone through 2 black over the shoulder bags from Swiss Army.  They are cool but I was beating them to death and the shoulder straps kept ripping out.  Luckily I keep getting them replaced and getting equal credit.  Now that I have a laptop from work and the complimentary bag I decided I could get a little more creative for my personal computer.  Yesterday I picked up this backpack and am ready to go to Momentum and Catalyst and be that trendy youth pastor carrying around a Mac. I just need some emo glasses or a T-shirt with an eagle on it. 



Some sons give cards, others just hugs.  My son pooped on me for father’s day.  I was laying down and sitting him on my stomach, we were playing and having fun and boom out of nowhere there it was.  Nothing too gross but still fun.  Some people give all they have, like the widow that gave her last money and I think it is sort of like that since he gave the only thing he can make thus far in his young life:)



I got the chance to go to Delaware Grace the other day and teach to their Operation Everything group.  They had me come for two days and speak about discerning media.  That is probably my favorite topic to talk about because I am passionate about it, which is probably why I get asked to do it.  I posted a summary of it once before

I am also getting a sponge session ready for the momentum conference this summer.  I am going to call it marriagelovesexdatinglust.  It will be about God’s plan for relationships, love, dating, marriage, and intimacy.  I am super excited about this one because I see this as the single biggest stumbling block that Satan uses in the lives of high schoolers.

From time to time I get to go out and speak to some outside groups.  I am no Kary Oberbrunner or anything, but it is fun.  I don’t leave my local ministry often but if it fits and I have advance notice it can be fun to see life outside my box.


The other day my friend Josh made reference to the fact that I just don’t care about some bands. I don’t want to tick anyone off since I know that these bands are ones that it seems you are not allowed to dislike but this is how I feel.

I think part of my disdain is in the face that everyone likes them and the rest comes from the fact that I really don’t get to wrapped up in the world of rock, unless it is a love song.  Without further delay here is the list of bands I just don’t care about…


  1. Coldplay-I started off with this band since they are the hottest right now. I mean everyone and their mom loves the ipod commercial and thinks their new album will cure cancer.  Yeah I thought clocks had a cool piano loop but that was 5 years ago.  To be honest my favorite thing about this band is that Chris Martin is married to (Gwenyth Paltrow) Pepper Potts in Ironman.
  2. Dave Matthews Band-This band peaked in 2003ish so it is not as big of a deal to hate them anymore, but I never liked them. People always thought they had found a matching organ donor when they got tickets to see them but I would take the money anyday.
  3. U2-I have posted before about how not liking this band makes me a bad Christian.  Again not that I don’t appreciate them I just will never own one of their CD’s and can’t even work up enough care to by a single on itunes.



Back in 2002 when I was sophomore at Grace College an organization I lead put on a concert.  The concert was the Big Blue Sky tour headlined by Bebo Norman and also featured newcomers Shaun Groves and Katy Hudson.  My friend (and at that time student body president) Zach Boehm was already a Katy fan and so we knew her music more than anyone else on the other tour stops I am sure.  We all hung out with her that day and I don’t think she had ever met anyone that actually had her CD or knew her songs since she was on a ghetto label (Red Hill) which was distributed by Pamplin (which I think has since folded.  She was talented, but was only 16 at the time.

I know what it is like to be teased by your friends for liking girl signers because of my life long love of Out of Eden, so we always teased Zach. 

Zach would give me updates from time to time and I also kept tabs on her being the pop culture nerd I am.  Because her name was to close to movie starlet Kate Hudson, she began going by Katy Perry.  I think I remember hearing that she was discovered by “the Matrix” a writing production duo that among others made Avril Lavigne’s first CD huge.  They signer her and also made her the frontman/singer to their band side project.

That was last I heard of her about 3 years ago.  I now know from research on her blog (warning her blog isn’t written by the same 16 year old I met) that she was getting signed and dropped a few times and has released some singles on other albums, and soundtracks with accompanying videos.  Anyway, 4 weeks ago she showed up on the Billboard hot 100 (which I watch religiously) with a song called “I kissed a girl”. I am sure you have all heard it. She also has a song called “ur so gay” that got her name out there with an itunes EP. She is blowing up so I wanted to give you a little background on her. Here is the CD I still have in my dated collection.

Obviously I don’t support kissing girls or anything I see her doing these days, but I did find it interesting that a 16 year old who once toured with only a Taylor Guitar is now a Tila Tequila wannabe and just might have the song of the summer. 


Today was an awesome day at Grace Church. Dustin Godshall my fellow student ministry man got the call from the bullpen and preached at our main services.  It should be on our website by Monday afternoon if anyone cares to hear it.  He rocked to say the least. Not to dog other Sundays, but sometimes a service really clicks and seems to connect and today was one of those days. I left totally energized and in a worshipful mood of celebration and that is the goal of corporate services in my mind.