I am so far behind on life thoughts. Easter Sunday, Worship Night, and re-doing a whole house on top of normal life leave me no choice but a little mind dump to catch up.

If you follow my Twitter you already know most of this in shorthand.

Easter Sunday

  • Second year in a row I got to lead worship on Easter.
  • To say that it was tiring would be an understatement.
  • We did 3 services like usual but they had a whole lot more people in em.
  • Second service was the fullest our building can handle. I’m glad no fire marshals were in attendance.
  • We kept with what we have been doing on holidays recently and wove music and the message together. The longest Rick ever preached was 7-10 minutes in 3 places.
  • After the services we drove to My Grandma Sands’ 85th birthday party. I missed her 80th when we lived in Indiana during seminary and I was able to redeem myselfJ
  • We also got to hang out with Meme my other grandma.

Home Improvement

  • If you thought this section would be about a crappy sitcom featuring Tim Allen and JTT I apologize. (I bet that comment offended Josh Atkins and Jeff Beckley)
  • We finally finished our woodfloor install. In total it pretty much took four days. Now I just have to put the quarter round on by the base boards but it can wait a while.
  • We also painted the kitchen and back dining room wall a color of gold.
  • We got new countertops. Just laminate nothing special but way better than the butcher block ones we had before that were twenty years old.
  • Didn’t get new cabinets, but we are finally switching out the hardware to something silver from this decade.
  • Tonight I just have to do a ton of clean up and put the fridge back. I can see the light at the end of the home improvement tunnel.

Carrie Underwood

  • Yes I took my wife to see Carrie Underwood. A concert seems to be the best way to trick her into a long date within 6 months of a baby.
  • She was in heaven and I must admit it was a really great show.
  • I didn’t know who the opener was but it turned out if was Craig Morgan so I loved that. He brings out the hick in me pretty quick.
  • Every concert we go to I love to check out the production.
  • I counted at least 90 gobo smart lights in Carrie’s rig…..they probably cost 10k a piece.
  • She also had a giant tree limb drop from the celing…and a rope swing too.
  • The coolest thing she did was have a truck with the bed as a stage go the whole way around the outline of the floor on a cable. Great gimmick to be close to people but still be on a stage and not take up floor seats.
  • I knew that Carrie Underwood was a believer but have recently become more impressed by her faith walk as she gets to write more of her songs and control her artistry. I was really impressed with the overall night including her doing a medley with her new single Temporary Home (talks about being aliens in this world as Christians) into a knockout version of How Great Thou Art.

NCO District Worship Night

  • NCO district worship night on Wednesday was awesome. Here’s a video.
  • We had about 350 people and collected 1250 dollars for student ministry in Africa.
  • Not sure why but my own students didn’t really come out to it; easily our lowest night of the year.  What’s up HSM?
  • The band was great.  Big ups to Jeremy and Terra Bury.
  • Jeremy because he had his licensure exam that morning and handled the stress well.  He is a young theologian.
  • Terra is like 9.5 months pregnant so she deserves a shou tout too.
  • Chris Solyntcjes drove down. That guy has forgotten 10 times more about music, tech, and worship than I will ever know. It was great to see him.
  • My NCO small group friend played bass. He is a young Phil Collins.
  • Vickie Darrough and her team knocked the food out of the park. Hopefully it gives some other ministries a vision for what they can do. Check out this pic

And now, you’re up to date!



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