Movement Church is a new church plant, so we are under no impression that we have mastered this church thing.  In our formative launch team meeting phase we have dedicated one weekend a month to visiting churches and learn from them.  Some of them are financial partner churches, while others are area church plants that we respect.  I thought I would take the time to re-cap our times with these churches and share some highlights and things that blessed our team.

This past Sunday we were busy as a team and put in some miles as we visited two churches. We visited Rock City Church for their 9 am service and New Albany Church for their 11:15 am service.  Today I thought I would give some thoughts and highlights from our time at New Albany Church.

  • New Albany Church is just a few years old but already tapped into the DNA of the city of New Albany.
  • They are around 1,000 people, have 2 services, and 16 staff members.
  • I’m a nerd who loves churches, church planting, and always love to know what is going on in Columbus.
  • A few years ago I heard of something big brewing in New Albany and was even told the pastor had been at a Grace College for a year while I was.
  • Our worship leader Josh Howard was a friend with some of their guys including their worship guy Travis so I have sought them out to learn from them.
  • They have been very handed and blessed us with advice, access, and face time.
  • Their service Sunday was a fun one to take our team to because I think they will have some overlapping DNA with us.
  • They are portable but do many things with tech and atmosphere to make their building their own.
  • They use culture from branding, series elements, and music to cue up a service well.
  • They opened up with a cover of Thriller and a guy who danced like Michael Jackson….come on that is sweet and you know it.
  • Their band is so tight every time I hear them and you can tell they have excellent musicians and are lead well.
  • The sermon for the day was done in a conversational way at a table but also featured two people on stage as props so it wasn’t normal and kept the interest of the room well.
  • New Albany is one of those places that have such a good thing going and such a good facility it makes you wonder why churches even own buildings.
  • Great visit, great church for our team to see.

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