It’s been a while. The only way I can get back in the game is with a good ole fashioned Mind Dump.

  • Someone asked me how life was the other day and I was telling them how you just kind of go into survival mode when you add a family member.  We have gotten better each time, but its weird knowing that I am not as good of a husband, dad, or pastor, or friend as I was a few weeks ago. The even better part is we love our daughter so the adjustment is totally worth it.
  • I am someone who tries to remember the moments that God answers prayers and I have a long list in my life. I will not forget God blessing us with Mercy in his timing and growing us through the journey of adoption that he put on our hearts.
  • I feel like I am an even bigger fan of adoption than before if that is possible. I have so many friends and family in process to adopt right now and have had so many conversations in the last few weeks. I pray for them all constantly.
  • Things at Movement Church are so great right now. I would be lying if I said we weren’t still in the honeymoon phase, but that doesn’t mean I should appreciate all the good stuff.
  • So proud of our coaches. We had a meeting the other night and I am looking around the table at people who could and should be on staff at big churches getting paid to do what they do.  We have a great team of people who I know are doing to build teams and develop people.
  • Spent some time talking with the team about influence.  It’s the definition of leadership and I want them to use it in a great way to accomplish our vision in their teams.
  • I’m not sure why, but I have been asked to speak at more things in the last 4 months than my almost my entire ministry career combined. I’m excited to continue to develop as a speaker and be in front of new groups of people.
  • Speaking of speaking, I am really getting addicted to teaching at Movement. We have been laying so many foundational bricks and I just now feel like I can put my head up and see where we are going. I am almost hyper to teach on December 2nd and 9th.
  • I am excited to get some new clothes for Christmas. I know that is very American and shallow, but it’s the truth. When you go from established church to church planting your wardrobe changes and I need to play catch up.  I don’t have enough trendy shirts with eagles and crosses on the shouldersJ
  • I stumbled into No shave November and I guess I am participating? I don’t want to commit so in case I shave I am not a quitter, but an over-achiever no one expected anything from.

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