Movement Church is a new church plant, so we are under no impression that we have mastered this church thing.  In our formative launch team meeting phase we have dedicated one weekend a month to visiting churches and learn from them.  Some of them are financial partner churches, while others are area church plants that we respect.  I thought I would take the time to re-cap our times with these churches and share some highlights and things that blessed our team.

This past Sunday we were busy as a team and put in some miles as we visited two churches. We visited Rock City Church for their 9 am service and New Albany Church for their 11:15 am service.  Today I thought I would give some thoughts and highlights from our time at Rock City.

  • Rock City church just launched 18 months ago.
  • They launched large and haven’t looked back yet as they are already at 900 people and 3 services.
  • They meet in a movie theatre which has pluses and minuses like any facility.
  • We were greeted at the door, inside the door, in the lobby and at children’s check in.
  • My wife said it was the second best (to Elevation Church) children’s check in she has gone through in the last 4 years of parenting and I would say we have been to a good number of churches.
  • We met the children’s overseers and talked and checked things out. I think they have an excellent team, lots of energy and my kids had fun.
  • Theatre style is set up to have you looking at the screen which is always bigger than any other church, but can make it tough to see the floor or stage area.
  • Their band was very good and even featured a few different song leaders.
  • Their lead pastor still plays in the band, leads worship and teaches. I hope they are paying that guy well J
  • The chairs were so comfortable I saw some of their own people fall asleep and heard some of ours were nodding off.
  • I mentioned the screens in theatres are always impressive. They didn’t use the build in projector, but they still used a portion of the screen that was 15×30 or something crazy big.
  • Everything that went on the screen from slides to the sermon bumper was excellent.

At the end of the service I didn’t know they were going to do this but they asked us to stand and prayed for our team. I had briefly talked to Aaron the executive guy, but hadn’t and still haven’t met Chad their lead guy. That was huge for me and shows the heart of their leadership. They are kingdom minded and remember the phase we were in just a short while back.


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