Movement Church is a new church plant, so we are under no impression that we have mastered this church thing.  In our formative launch team meeting phase we have dedicated one weekend a month to visiting churches and learn from them.  Some of them are financial partner churches, while others are area church plants that we respect.  I thought I would take the time to re-cap our times with these churches and share some highlights and things that blessed our team.

This past Sunday on October 7th we visited Marysville Grace.  They are like a big brother church for us in many ways since they were planted out of Grace Church (where I was the student pastor for 7 years) in 2003 and they also were a partner for Encounter Church (our sending church).

As I mentioned, Marysville Grace was planted 9 years ago and has been a portable church meeting in an elementary until they moved into their first permanent location this past July.

Not only are they a financial partner, but also they have invested in other ways.  Because they have the DNA of a plant and until recently were portable it has been natural for them to give advice.  As they have moved into their new building they even ordered some equipment they didn’t need so they could gift us equipment along the way.  Their leaders have even invested in us, as I have known their lead pastor Clancy for a long time and greatly respect him.

Sunday we got to take our entire team up for their services.  They honored us in such a huge way that I still smile talking about it.  Clancy interviewed me and made that the sermon for the day so we could have significant time to really talk about our vision, who we are, and who what we want Movement Church to look like.  At the end of the service they made the application for the day two things…

1)    Committing to pray for Movement Church once a week for one year

2)    Volunteering to host a car and help us with Trunk or Treat this Halloween.

Those are not small things and I can’t even tell you the number of hands that indicated they would pray for us. I may or may not have had a tear in the corner of my eyeJ

The blessings didn’t stop there though, they also didn’t want to take us off of our meeting schedule so they set up a room where they fed our entire team for free, gave us time to meet and watched our kids so we could. They went way above and beyond anything that they had to do and were selfless. I challenged our team to remember the legacy of Marysville Grace and the way that they are giving themselves to multiply the kingdom of God through us. Not because it is easy or convenient but because it’s the right thing to do. I want to honor their investment and pay it forward into many other churches.

One of the biggest blessings to me already in this journey has been seeing our family of churches surround us and take care of us. They have given us everything from money, to advice, to accountability, to resources, and love. We are a blessed church because of the churches investing in us.



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