We are 6 weeks into planting Movement Church. Its been a wonderful faith walk watching what God is doing through our team.  There are so many things going on, so many thoughts in my head, and so many things I am excited about.  It must be time for a mind dump.

  • Today was our 6th Sunday as a launch team. We have met 4 times at Encounter church and visited two other churches.
  • I love Sundays with Movement Church.
  • I know I do this for a job, and it sounds like propaganda, but trust me when I say I love that I get to do this.  It honestly makes me hyper.
  • Our Sunday gatherings are always exciting and new because we have seen so many first time guests. Today almost 1/3 of the people in the room were visitors.
  • We have seen an increase in our Sundays each week.
  • We are small and numbers and growth are very exciting right now. The best part is that we know the story and connection behind every person and numbers so it’s a special time.
  • Don’t worry we haven’t broken 35 yet so we aren’t numbers crazy, we just like to know how many chairs to set up.
  • Next week our full band gets the chance to do their thing for the first time plugged in.  Our band is leading worship at Encounter so we will start together in their service and after that.
  • I am excited for our musicians because some of them have been smothering their gifting while we meet in a small room, as a small group, with a small band.
  • Also next week we are talking about our DNA and some things that we want to keep as guidelines for the church we want to be. These things aren’t new additions to the Ten Commandments, but they are things that we want to keep in our vision and let them steer us.
  • Our movement groups are meeting and still in start up mode but we are already talking multiplication for next session.
  • Multiplication isn’t always easy or comfortable but we want to keep it happening when we can.
  • Our website is up. You can find it if you are really smart, but we aren’t really taking the training wheels off just yet. We wanted to put it on our flyers that are going out.  Mostly social media will suffice for now.
  • I am excited for Trunk or Treat on October 31st.
  • We went door to door tonight with flyers. It rained and wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but I was so encouraged just by the amount of families we ran in to.
  • We’ve known from the beginning there are so many people in Hilliard and so many people who need Jesus, I can’t wait to be able to get our name out there and be the church to Hilliard.

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