Our church server crashed this past week. Our staff has had to go without the internet, printing, storage, accessing most documents, and email while in our building for what should be 6 days before it is resolved. Server-a-geddon has been a painful process so I thought I would share the top 5 things I learned during this fiasco.

  1. You can still hand write things in marker and copy them if you have to.
  2. Working from home on your laptop (where you have internet) means you don’t have to brush your teeth until 11:00.
  3. Living off of a flash drive is stressful.
  4. Not having technology isn’t what makes your week stressful, it’s the fact that everyone else in the world still has it and continues with their pace of life.
  5. The server that crashed was Windows based…..that’s all I’m saying.

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