• I was once told that Satan attacks things that threaten him. He didn’t want tonight to happen and I can see why.
  • Our server died Tuesday night at the church. That means all day Wednesday I couldn’t get to most of my stored files, email, get on the Internet, or print. Just as you guessed it was a frustrating day.
  • On top of that my family has been sick enough that I left Wednesday night before it was over and almost didn’t go at all.
  • As far as the server, I had the important stuff saved on my desktop for Wednesday night.
  • We made a handwritten service order and photocopied it. It felt like a garage band set list.
  • Our check-in was a pen and a paper. Rachel should have fun tracking the follow up this week.
  • Tonight was the first in some stand alones that we are calling “youpick”. Our group voted for Spiritual Warfare, Forgiveness, and a night of worship.
  • Jim Heffner drew the assignment of Spiritual Warfare tonight. He took the angle of a talk show host as we book ended the night with teaching on both sides of an interview.
  • It was simple yet profound. He spoke from Eph. 6 and talked about our struggles in life not bring against flesh and blood but against Satan.
  • He interviewed Rebecca who has had some major attacks in her life that Satan wanted to use. She had every person in the room hanging on her every word.
  • I love that passage in II Cor. 1 that says that God is with us through our pain so we can show his comfort to others. Rebecca did that tonight and the response of people wanting to talk and pray with her proved it.
  • Great time of worship once people had been taught from the Word.
  • Summer trip apps came rolling in tonight.
  • Kalahari is around the corner….more to come on that.
  • I’m tired.

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