Life is just too busy to do anything but another life update with bullets…

  • Sally Field is in the Tonight Show right now.  I met her in an airport in 2001 and she wouldn’t take a picture with me, even after I helped he find her daughter-in-law’s stroller and get it off the baggage belt.  I took a vow that day to not like herJ she seems so sweet on TV, but don’t let her fool you.
  • We had the longest Elder’s meeting in my three years tonight…it was also the most encouraging, vision-filled one too.  I have always loved my church, but I LOVE my church right now.
  • Soccer season is in full swing.  Kids camp this week
  • We are house sitting for the Coville’s and their pool this week…life is good!
  • I am so excited about our group at Urban Hope this week.  I just spent some time praying for them and I can’t wait to hear what God does in them this week.
  • I couldn’t share this with the world until now. Here is a pic of the shirts we got for the Urban Hope team and our Operation Barnabas students.  Obviously inspired by Rob and Big, they are a limited run that I hope creates some buzz.



2 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE

  1. Something about that shirt makes me think of “Mr. T”………..ha…………..he was a big hit at our house once upon a time!!!!!

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