Been a while since  random bullet update…

  • So pumped about our team going to Urban Hope next week.
  • I rented some movies this week. You gotta love 79 cent Mondays at Drug Mart.  I haven’t done that since Malachi was born at least.  They were all terrible but at least I tried. I think it is time to hit up the library for movies again.
  • Our middle schoolers are at Beyond this week. I am too old to be at camp with them.
  • I am moving into my new office soon. I think I am gonna throw a VIP party with a velvet rope and everything. Anyone have one I can borrow?
  • The Celtics Won! I don’t really care…just reporting the news
  • Excited about our 7 students on Operation Barnabas…I am hearing, seeing, and reading some awesome stuff.
  • I am gonna have a couple of big announcements in the coming weeks. No we are not having a baby and I am not leaving my churchJ maybe I should call the medium announcements.
  • I don’t twitter yet, and I refuse to believe it is that cool.  It is the part of blogging none of us like…the personal updates.  I want to hear about leadership and ministry decisions not who you are meeting with and what you are eating for lunch.


5 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE

  1. Um… I’m slowly becoming addicted to Twitter. I like reading other’s twitterings more than I like posting my own.

    I’ve been meaning to ask — a friend of mine’s son is on Operation Barnabas this summer and they live in Radnor. Do you know the McCue’s?

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