I haven’t done this in a while, but I am having an urge for some good old fashioned shallow blogging. I decided I would give my thoughts on the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s). I don’t have cable so I always watch them the next day on Sorry for the delay but I am cheap.

  • Dear Lady Gaga-you are lucky you have built up some credibility with huge singles and a gigantic tour because your opening performance of an already underwhelming single was not just weird, but spent many credibility chips.
  • There was no host this year. I read that MTV was turned down by a few people they asked and just decided to go without rather than stretch for someone not great. Not sure what that says when people don’t want to do it because last years ratings were a record…but it says something.
  • Jay-Z and Kanye-You know I loved them and this, but I am a sucker for radio hits and I find this album underwhelming. I know they wanted it to be natural and all-I read the reviews.  Anyway, it was a well designed performance with the flames, smoke, flag and great camera angles as they came the whole way out from backstage, to stage, to runway.
  • I find it interesting that Nicki Minaj is now beating Lil Wayne for hip video awards. I wonder if his ego (or hers for that matter) can keep their label together.
  • People thought Kanye was crazy when he did the whole Taylor Swift thing and said Beyonce had the video of the year, but I found it interesting that even when he won, he admitted that Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, and Lil Wayne were the best in that category and better than his.
  • I didn’t know if Pitbull would have the guts to keep his verse that says “I got it locked it up by Lindsay Lohan” since she is currently suing him for that line….but he did.
  • I already mentioned that there wasn’t a host, but Kevin Hart did the work of one with the opening monologue and videos but didn’t get paid I am sure
  • It was also interesting to see Cali Swag District in the one video because I haven’t heard or seen them since their fourth member was shot and killed.
  • Because of twitter, I was expecting a lot from a few moments (Gaga, Beyonce’s pregnancy, and Adele). Adele is great and I am not saying she isn’t, but this performance was nothing special. I think people just appreciate that she has a natural hair color that isn’t in a Crayola box and doesn’t use autotune.
  • Justin Bieber could win any award he was up for. I bet his fans would stay up all night and vote 1,000,000 times if he tweeted once to his fans and told them to.
  • They say that people who are taller have more earning potential, but I have to think that if you could dance like Chris Brown your life would be better too. I love that he isn’t happy dancing anymore and wanted to be Peter Pan on cables.
  • Its funny to me that people like Beyonce and Britney are getting lifetime achievement type awards on the last couple award shows I watched. It makes me feel old, but they started so young they both already have two greatest hits albums full of singles.
  • Its also so easy to see why Britney still makes money because she has mastered getting 12 year olds and their mom’s to buy her music which is double the income and easier concert sales.
  • Ok, Lady Gaga stop with the playing a dude thing. You aren’t even good at it. Its like me doing impersonations, it almost seems like something I should laugh at as terrible. You had an hour to change our of your outfit to intro Britney.
  • Its amazing to me that Beyonce was able to keep her pregnancy a secret.  I guess she is good at everything so I shouldn’t be.
  • Dear Tyler the Creator, you were not the Best New Artist. I would say that conservatively you were the 3rd best nominee so cherish that trophy.
  • The last part of this show was boring and included people who aren’t good enough to make a good awards show. It also included Lady Gaga still playing a dude.
  • Lil Wayne closed the show….and you all know how I feel about him. Please DON’T buy his album as it was released this morning at 12am.
  • Adios.

1 thought on “MY THOUGHTS ON THE 2011 VMA’S

  1. I cannot believe you made that comment about Adele. I think we are the only 2 people in the galaxy that feel this way. It was truly nothing special. At all. I just don’t get how people got goose bumps and all that nonesense. I agree 100% Adele is a true talent, but… If you want goosebumps just listen to ANYTHING Heather Headley sings. Just my thoughts. Appreciate your blog.

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