If you hang out with me for more than one hour I will probably tell you that you or someone close by remind me of someone. It might be someone famous, or it might just be another friend of mine.

Through the years this has lead me to do a few different “people I know who look like celebrities” (or not so famous people too) posts on the ole blog here.   So here goes the fourth edition. Check out these links to the first, second, and third edition.

Don’t be offended, just humor me.



Many people have asked via text, email, and Facebook, so I thought I would give a recap of all that God did on our opening weekend.

  • Saturday at 830am we got to Spindler Park and began setting up for our Easter Egg Drop.
  • We had a team of around 50 people very organized by our outreach coach Ashton Rank so the work went quick and we were ready to go by 10am.
  • All we really did was set up sound, have an information table, mark 3 soccer fields with stakes and caution tape, and spread 37,000 eggs out evenly.
  • We didn’t know how many people would show up but we took around 12,000 flyers door to door and also put another 3,000 in area businesses. We also got on some family activity websites.
  • Once people arrived we had a parking team that got everyone in the lot in an organized way. We had around 800 spots in the parking lots and filled all but 10 or so.
  • We also had a greeting team that passed out flyers explaining the flow of the morning and helped parents find the age specific field they were looking for.
  • We estimate that we had between 2,000 and 2,500 people show up which is exactly what we asked people to pray for so that was cool to see God provide.
  • The helicopter arrived around 11:15 and dropped the remaining 3,000 eggs (1 large garbage bag on each field). It’s funny to hear the ooo’s and ahh’s in this vine my wife put up. There is something special about a helicopter to little kids.
  • The day was a great success and we made some great connections and were convinced that people knew who our church was, knew that we loved them and their family and wanted to serve them, and many would be at church the next day. Thank you Jesus.
  • We sent our team home around 12:30 because we got permission to set our facility up on Saturday night so everyone could bring a friend and not have to come early and be distracted with details on Sunday.
  • We met at Harmony at 5pm and set up the lobby/VIP and Movement Kids areas first while the team prepped tech stuff.
  • Setup was different because we had to include a baptism tank for the first time and also use all 200 of the chairs we owned so we could handle the anticipated crowd. Our room is not big so this required a little thought.
  • Eventually it was all setup and ready to go so we took advantage of having two large screens and watched the Buckeyes Elite 8 game…too bad they lost L
  • Sunday I did my usual routine and stopped at our PO Box to pick up any support that comes through the mail. I prayed and thanked God as I drove and actually started crying. It was an emotional day to have known this was what God has wanted for so long and to just thank him in order for all the ways he has already answered prayers, opened doors. And been faithful.
  • Our team came in at 8 instead of our usual 7 and go to sound check and relax a little more. We topped off the baptism tank and tried to make it warm (fail).
  • We had extra greeters, extra ushers, an extra VIP table and were ready to go when the crowd started rolling in.
  • As with any church plant launch that is close to home or your sending church(es) for many we saw some family and familiar faces who wanted to come support us and that is ok because it helped give us a crowd.
  • It was so awesome to roam the lobby and say to people “I saw you at the Egg Drop yesterday right?” and know that God had brought them that day.
  • The service started with our new bumper video that Chris Guyot hooked us up with.  I have known him since he was 15 and got to be his student pastor. It was an absolute blessing to have him want to give his gifts to our church and to bless us.
  • Next we cut to this video http://vimeo.com/63017692 which was something I dreamed up and Josh Howard just made happen. We are so blessed to have him and I try not to gush too much, but this video was just him showing his commitment to excellence and talent and eye for all things creative. Josh thanks for being on our team, thanks for your heart and passion and for giving yourself far beyond what we can pay you…..for now.
  • We had some songs after that and as they were playing seats started becoming a hot commodity which was awesome to see. I took some quick iphone pics because I could.
  • We did our usual welcome and invite for VIP’s to fill out the connect card for a T-shirt. We had 59 VIPs so I am sure a good portion of my week will be spent on the phone which is the problem we want.
  • We showed this video from Fellowship Creative http://vimeo.com/40297738 to begin focusing our minds on Easter and the resurrection and new life.
  • Speaking of new life after the video our band played Overcome and in the middle we had the 4 people being baptized come forward and share their story and why they wanted to be baptized. As the band played we had a party and it was one of the most powerful moments of the day watching them come up out of the water.
  • Our theme for the day was Jesus changes everything and we used Titus 2:11-14.  We had one guy indicate that he wants Jesus in his life so I am very excited to follow up with him this week and talk about that.
  • We closed with some worship and its official that our band/Jeremy Noland’s version of “All the poor and powerless” is better than the All Sons and Daughters version…in my humble opinion. They not only have a great backing track that borders at electronic at times, but they also had him play a tom drum from the set , and they even switch up the temp in the 2nd verse and it had a Mumford vibe for just a second. Truly excellent. Thank you to our band for working so hard and building a great atmosphere. By the final song you could hear the crowd singing back and it was a very worshipful moment and I loved that they got to lead in that.
  • All things said and done it was a great day. We had 199 people at our service.
  • I am sure we will put some pics up from the weekend. We had 3 photographers going nuts all weekend to document it.


What is one to do when there is just too much to say in a post that would stay on topic, be cohesive, or make sense in any way?…You write a mind dump of course.

  • I have been waiting since high school to be a church planter….I love it.
  • Often when people describe a phase of life to you it isn’t true. We all got marriage or parenting suggestions from someone we were convinced had no idea what they are talking about. Most people told me that in the church planters the highs would be higher and the lows would be lower…..that is exactly true.
  • Today was our 9th Sunday since we started public services at the Harmony Artistic Center.
  • I think this next week will be the one where all the kinks are gone. After that I will just blame mistakes on other people and their imperfections.
  • I have always gone to churches that announced and cared about the time change keeping people from church, this was my first time on the other side.
  • I love my team. Whenever I am stressed I just start picturing names and faces of people and what God is doing in them.  We are blessed to have some great people who are gifted and so committed. I cannot imagine doing this without them.
  • I just bought a bunch of new worship music. I am just trying to keep up with Josh Howard.
  • Today starts a Daniel Fast that many on our team are doing from now until our grand opening. You won’t hear me talk about it again, but I am excited for our team to see God in these 21 days.
  • We have a team from Grace Fellowship in Pickerington coming next week to help us get the word out about the Egg Drop. That church bleeds for us and is in full partnership and it is super refreshing.
  • Speaking of The Egg Drop I bought hilliardeggdrop.com to promote it. That is where the link goes.
  • I own a lot of Movement Church related dot coms. Its what I get for letting people like Ben Arment and Brandon Rike influence me. I think they own like 100 each.
  • Today I got all the Movement Church stuff out of my basement and finally put it in the storage locker (minus the 40k eggs). Its like I gained a while new room at my house.
  • I got the stuff out of the basement because I could, but also because I think between now and Memorial Day I will be slowly finishing our basement. I hope to someday house some interns or a resident there if it helps us multiply churches.
  • We have our teaching calendar planned out for the next year. We will do a relationships, love, sex series next February. I got some back issues of 614 magazine that have a Columbus specific survey about sex and related topics this week. It is fascinating to say the least and for better or worse good to know our demographic.
  • I thought about putting some thoughts up here about love/marriage/sex and all that stuff since its one of my favorite things to teach on.
  • Its funny how 7 years after you start as a student pastor the floodgates open for doing weddings and pre-marital weddings. I am busy right now connecting with former students and it is great to see what God is doing and where he has taken them.
  • Tomorrow night I am going to the Encounter Church elder’s meeting. Still so grateful for the vision they have to multiply in us and give us financing too.
  • In the last few months I have been contacted by so many closet church planters and closet parents of adoption. I love getting to share our stories and hopefully get them a little closer to the edge and jumping.


I tried to stay away and not tweet or blog abut the Grammy’s. I figured there were enough experts out there offering their opinion.  I tried, you gotta believe my I really did. I just couldn’t’ take it, when I saw people saying things like this……

“What ever happened to Nirvana?” (This guy wasn’t joking)

“I didn’t know Adele was British.”

“What band does Travis Barker drum for?”

At some point I got worked up and started keeping mental notes knowing that I had a good ole fashioned Grammy recap brewing inside of me for the markartrip.com audience. Its feels like 2005 around these parts, but I want to keep my blog light at times and a shallow post about pop culture should be just the trick.

  • My wife told me before the show that CBS made rules about the dresses women could wear this year. They wanted the show to be appropriate and stay classy. Having watched, its clear no one listened and the only thing that made it better than last year was that Lady Gaga wasn’t around.
  • I almost can’t handle the way CBS and the Grammy’s “partner” together. Its one thing for them to pretend the people’s choice awards are a real show and than just give awards to all of their shows, but they are getting too involved in the Grammys. I mean we all know that LL Cool J is a terrible host and comes across like a bad Tracy Morgan character.
  • Faith Hill has braces? She is now going to be skinnier (because she can’t eat normal) and prettier than ever. We are fans of her around our house so no disrespect. She may take over the world now.
  • Rihanna looked rough. She’s talented but I honestly worry about her. She is the one from this generation I am afraid will end of up on a bad episode of Behind the Music.
  • If you didn’t notice, Justin Bieber wasn’t there. According to his team he got “snubbed”. I think he is the one who snubbed us after he promised a “Justin Timberlake level” album.  That is a promise you shouldn’t make. He tried to pull viewers away and did a live stream chat tonight at the same time.
  • Speaking of Justin Timberlake, he was perfection. I know I’m a fan-boy, but he owned the night and the psychology of stepping away just long enough to do some acting and create demand around himself is brilliant.
  • I got like 10 texts as he was performing. People acting like I was the only one liking it…you liked it too, just admit it.
  • Carrie Underwood was on point too. She didn’t do anything special she just did a good performance that showcased her vocals. She didn’t do some weird medley that took away from things and didn’t over think the fact that she can impress with her voice. Its not rocket science but most don’t do that.
  • Frank Ocean, was not that smart. He has some great songs, but he is always performing them weird and not making them accessible to the mass that watched this show. That is why sometimes other people do his songs better than him. Look up “thinking about you” covers on YouTube. He was this years Nicki Minaj, who was given the platform last year and wasted it.
  • Fun…..meh? I know the songs are catchy, but I am over them. I feel like they are a slightly better version of Train.
  • Zac Brown Band country album of the year. I can live with that. Every song on that album is good. Josh Howard proved that to me and he is right.
  • Kelly Clarkson finally won an award. I was starting to think she wouldn’t get up there. Her speech was even entertaining….or maybe drunk?
  • The dream, Frank Ocean, Kanye, and Jay won an award….and Jay Z and the Dream had no business on stage together dressed different so Jay through his own artist under the bus saying “he’d like to thank the swap meet for the Dream’s hat”…..I’m ok with that.
  • The Maroon 5/Alicia Keys mash-up was actually great. I didn’t know these forced collaborations were allowed to work and sound good. Someone should tell the Grammy’s or the other artists that. Someone should definitely tell Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley. They thought you were supposed to make it looked forced and more boring than normal. Respect.
  • Its cool to see the Black Keys get love. They have been taking Grammy’s for 3 years not but I when Lebron tweets about you, you are officially cool.
  • Before I forget, Taylor Swift opened the show….and didn’t deliver. You got to stay in your lane and wearing a top hat while a circus goes on behind you, without a guitar in your hand didn’t make you look like the world power that you have become. She wasn’t bad but when you are that big an 8 out of 10 is a letdown.
  • The thing that is funny about the Grammy’s is how some of us are oblivious to certain genres even though people are already famous and making good money and being successful. I learn about someone new every year (usually folk/rock) and apparently I should have told my wife about Miguel sooner.
  • What do you have to do to overcome the term “Ginger” and its stereotypes? Just be as awesome as Ed Shereen. No one even knows he is a redhead. That guy is on top of the world.
  • Didn’t see Mumford winning album of the year. Mostly because I expected to see Fun be the hands down darlings of the night, but that was a good win. No problem seeing them get some love, and they seemed to be humbled.
  • The closing song with Chuck D, LL and the rest was incredibly bad. It always is and usually has like 10 artists on stage all pretending to play acoustic while singing in mics that aren’t even on, so I shouldn’t expect much….but wow it was painful.
  • I love music, I love the Grammy’s, it was a great night, super entertaining, and was the best show in at least 4-5 years I would say.
  • What did you think?




Ever since we started planting a church, people always ask me a question.

Usually the questions are something like “How’s it going?”, “What’s it like?” or “What’s been the hardest part?”

I think the last question is the one I get asked the most. I thought today I would elaborate on that a little more and tell you what the hardest part has been thus far in our experience. (This answer could change, but for now this is what I thought of.)

The hardest part of planting a church has been making our own wake.  If you don’t know what a wake is than you obviously have never been around a boat or waterskiing and wakeboarding. Wake is defined as “the track or path left behind a ship”.  It’s the part behind the boat that isn’t as bumpy and is really easy to ski inside of.

Previous to this adventure in my life I have always ridden in someone else’s wake.  For the first 18 years (and closer to 22 if I am being honest) I rode in the wake of Ron and Jeanne Artrip.  Oh what a comfortable glorious wake that was.  I miss those days.  For the next couple I rode in the wake of my school, other pastors, ministries, etc.

When I went on staff at Grace Church they already had a name, a building, 1000 people, and a youth group. We saw some cool growth and had great opportunities but I could go anywhere on the north side and name drop the church, another staff member or even reference we were the church next the YMCA and not have to go outside of their wake. I could do things in the community and even when I was meeting new people they still knew of our church or they still connected me to someone they knew in our group. I pushed myself and coached soccer and met people, but there were already guys on the soccer team at our church so looking back I was just the cherry on top of the equation. The kids in our youth group were often already connected to the church and their mom and dad wanted them there.  Rick Nuzum had gone before me as a great pastor and I rode in his wake.

Until I moved to Hilliard I had never really had to make my own wake.  In life, in ministry, in relationships we were always grafted in and were able to flourish, and that has been hands down the hardest adjustment.  It weird not knowing anyone in this town and not often seeing people you know at Kroger.  Its unfamiliar when people ask you where you work or why you are buying things and you name-drop a church that has no notoriety.

It won’t be that way for long. We are working hard to make in roads, to build relationships, and build a brand. We are working hard as a church, staff, and family to build a wake.

I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is WHAT we are called to and this is WHO we are called to. We knew that we didn’t know anyone down here. We knew there were people in Hilliard who needed Jesus and we chose to move here out of obedience and enthusiasm.  I’m not upset about it; in fact I am really excited by the challenge.  I’m just answering the question for the closet planters who ready my blog and haven’t gotten the courage to jump yet.


  • Sunday was a milestone for Movement Church.  It was our first time in the Harmony Artistic Center holding a service in Hilliard.
  • We didn’t really publicize this service too much, we decided to work the kinks out and let things grow each week from here on out.
  • When I say we are building slowly I mean we are missing things still. We are watching spending and cash flow. For instance, we have to buy some pipe and drape to cover the giant dance studio mirror that takes up the entire wall of our main meeting room. Its awkward to look to the left. We also did Sunday we no lighting except what is installed in the room day to day. These are not eternal things but some items we hope to improve on.
  • We got into our building Saturday night around 5:30 and made a ton of trips from all the houses and places we were storing our stuff. We got all set up and even did some quick sound checking. We left around 1am knowing we were already set up and could “sleep in” compared to what will now become the new normal.
  • I mentioned we didn’t really advertise Sunday, but we had a good amount of visitors and saw some people we have connected with in our short time in Hilliard as well as some people who found us on facebook.
  • The church is not defined by a service and I never want to glorify things above our purpose, but our team killed it in their planning and purchasing.
  • Mindy had movement kids looking like a kids party on steroids and actually got a thunderous applause as moms entered.
  • Josh had the auditorium looking like a million bucks and has set us up for not only this phase and this room but for the next phase and a bigger room if its ever needed.
  • My former neighbor Andy and his wife Silvia are doing first impressions and they can host in their sleep so their spirit is leaking already and will only get better. It is beyond cool to think that a guy I didn’t know 4.5 years ago has come to know Christ, asked me to do his wedding, joined our launch team, is leading a movement group and overseeing first impressions.
  • I could gush all night but just wanted to give an update to those who pray and are watching us from afar.
  • We are building slowly and adding things each week but for where we are I don’t think Sunday could’ve gone better.  It was great for our team and a momentum builder.


Today is my friend Sean’s birthday.

He doesn’t really need anything other than a new wardrobe, but all I can afford is this blog post to honor him.

He is sentimental and old fashioned so he will probably print this off and make a scrapbook or Modge Podge it to a plate.

My friend Sean Spoelstra is a crazy Canadian.

Before I introduce him to others I always try to prepare them.

I describe him as a Jim Carey character from the mid 90’s who loves Jesus and the church.

They always underestimate the way he sweeps into a room and takes it over.

When he leaves they say, “you weren’t kidding!”

Sean has cared for me as a friend and mentor for 8 years now.

He is one of my sanity people that I like to tell everything too, so he has seen me at my maddest and most discouraged.

Sean is a great husband and speaks into my marriage.

Sean is a great dad and speaks into my fathering.

Sean bleeds for the church and always champions multiplication.

Sean has hands down been the most vocal and supportive of  Kristin and I planting a church.

Long before Movement Church when we were thinking about moving to Cincinnatti and/or had no idea what God could do, Sean told us he saw that in us and encouraged us to follow God.

I am grateful that God us made us friends and put you and Melissa in our lives.

Thanks for green lighting our calling and telling us we could do this when others weren’t as optimistic.

Thanks for the constant encouragement and helping me pursue God.

This blog post good for one free haircut.


The last few months as Movement Church has started, we have been in the honeymoon phase. It wasn’t that we were hiding the bad stuff, there just wasn’t any.  I think most people can relate often in the beginning of something everything is exciting and everyone is living in perfect harmony and everything is prefect.

We aren’t imploding, but that phase is over and things are real. Not bad, but real. In the past month we have handled issues on our team, things on our budget, and just the general overwhelming feeling of timelines getting closer and the work piling up.   This is an exercise for me as much as anyone else, because Sunday was so encouraging I kept thinking “I need to blog about all this”.  Here is a list of things that remind me of God’s goodness, his provision, and the Momentum he is giving our church.

  • Sunday we broke up into the three teams that we want everyone to have a role in to make Sunday mornings happen.  Those teams are Creative Arts, Movement Kids, and First Impressions.  Those teams are finally taking shape, enlisting people, and able to look toward launch.
  • The coaches for those teams have been in place for months and I am so grateful for the time, energy, and leadership they have given to build a team. One report from a meeting on Sunday was that “it was run perfectly, was organized, and gave everyone on the team confidence, clarity, and made them want to serve”.
  • One of the “stresses” of this month is that we are purchasing and ordering so many things. That is not a problem, that is a blessing that God has given the funds to launch with stuff.
  • We had our movement group on Sunday night and I am thankful for how well that group has gelled and learned community and how to care for each other.
  • I am also thankful for the growth I have seen in my apprentice Andy. He lead one of the greatest groups I have ever sat in. He is functioning well in his gifting of being a feeler and using it to know where the group and night should go and what they need.
  • We pay Josh Howard part time but he is doing full time work right now. I don’t know if this is how he designed his schedule, but he is faithful, humble and works tirelessly. So thankful to have in ministry beside me.


Movement Church is a new church plant, so we are under no impression that we have mastered this church thing.  In our formative launch team meeting phase we have dedicated one weekend a month to visiting churches and learning from them.  Some of them are financial partner churches, while others are area church plants that we respect.  I thought I would take the time to re-cap our times with these churches and share some highlights and things that blessed our team.

  • This past Sunday, we took our team to Covenant Church in Grove City, Ohio.
  • That church was planted and is pastored by my dear friend Travis Davenport who I have known since middle school.
  • Sometime I will dig up some pictures or videos of us in high school, but for now I want to keep my job.
  • My recap and experience of this visit will be way different because more than all the others I have seen inside the engine and know their story.  Travis and his family used to stay at our house in Powell when they would come down and scout the area. I actually told him Hilliard would be a great place to plant. I am not being critical but feel I can be a little more free in describing a church that I consider family.
  • Travis had a launch team that started moving to Grove City in January of 2010 and the church launched in June of that year.
  • I visited Covenant in August of 201 and they have come a long way.
  • They did what I would consider a parachute drop with a team so they have had to find their place in Columbus.
  • 3 years and 4 locations later they have really hit their stride this fall.
  • Hundreds of people most from young families now call Covenant their home.
  • It’s funny because as I took in Covenant church and debriefed with Travis about what they do I realized most churches have holes. Its not that they don’t do things great, but most churches have a gaping hole where something is not going well or leaves a bad taste in someone’s mouth.
  • Simply put Covenant Church doesn’t have any major holes.  Are there things they could do better? Of course, and Travis and the team seem to be aware of those and working on them, but the consensus I got from our team was that they are solid all the way around.
  • They are in a great location at the Rave Cinema off of Stringtown and Buckeye Parkway.
  • First impressions were great including an easy to navigate first time experience and a team eager to help our team.  As many places they have borrowed some elements from Elevations VIP experience because they are good and they work.
  • We felt honored as a host showed us around and helped us check our kids in.
  • The children’s areas were spacious and I felt good about dropping ours off.  The rooms let me know my kids would have fun and be cared for and I can’t say that about every place.
  • As with any theatre church at times looking down to the floor is a little weird and I wondered if they should do more staging or backdrop type stuff but those things would only cut down on the in house projector and screen they have access to. Biggest church screen I have seen outside of Granger Church.
  • The tech wasn’t perfect as they are using new stuff for a new location. Mics cut out, their were hums, and at times the mix of vocals and just overall volume wasn’t perfect but it was coming out of such an impressive in house system it was far above an average church experience.
  • Their worship was solid and they definitely have a look, feel, and culture they are going for. I think they are slightly ahead of their time in Grove City and what your average person (even young family) is looking for so it will only connect even more in the coming 2-3 years.
  • I helped them find their worship leader and am still waiting on my head hunter check.
  • Seth and Travis work well transitioning from hosting, to welcome, to music, offering, and teaching. They are both musical and seem to work together as well as any pastor/worship leader team we have visited.
  • Our team loved Travis’ teaching. I can’t really judge it fair as I wouldn’t be impressed by anything he does. Its just the reality of having spent so much time with someone. I take for granted that he is funny or able to tackle tough subjects with grace and truth, but my team was very impressed and blessed by his time in Matthew 7.
  • It was fun to visit a friend and see what he does before we get into launch phase and never look back. Not sure the next time I will get to be in his church with him but it was fun to celebrate what God is doing.
  • At the end of the service they called our whole team up and prayed over us and celebrated that we are part of the same family and Kingdom. Love their heart for church planting and the gospel.
  • SIDEBAR: Courtesy of my module I teach for The National Institute and Grace College and this launch team world tour I have crossed many locations of my list of places I want to see in greater Columbus.  I still have a few more (Veritas, Scarlet City Church, Harvest Bible chapel, One Church, Life Community Lifepoint Church, Cypress Wesleyan, and maybe a few more).


It’s been a while. The only way I can get back in the game is with a good ole fashioned Mind Dump.

  • Someone asked me how life was the other day and I was telling them how you just kind of go into survival mode when you add a family member.  We have gotten better each time, but its weird knowing that I am not as good of a husband, dad, or pastor, or friend as I was a few weeks ago. The even better part is we love our daughter so the adjustment is totally worth it.
  • I am someone who tries to remember the moments that God answers prayers and I have a long list in my life. I will not forget God blessing us with Mercy in his timing and growing us through the journey of adoption that he put on our hearts.
  • I feel like I am an even bigger fan of adoption than before if that is possible. I have so many friends and family in process to adopt right now and have had so many conversations in the last few weeks. I pray for them all constantly.
  • Things at Movement Church are so great right now. I would be lying if I said we weren’t still in the honeymoon phase, but that doesn’t mean I should appreciate all the good stuff.
  • So proud of our coaches. We had a meeting the other night and I am looking around the table at people who could and should be on staff at big churches getting paid to do what they do.  We have a great team of people who I know are doing to build teams and develop people.
  • Spent some time talking with the team about influence.  It’s the definition of leadership and I want them to use it in a great way to accomplish our vision in their teams.
  • I’m not sure why, but I have been asked to speak at more things in the last 4 months than my almost my entire ministry career combined. I’m excited to continue to develop as a speaker and be in front of new groups of people.
  • Speaking of speaking, I am really getting addicted to teaching at Movement. We have been laying so many foundational bricks and I just now feel like I can put my head up and see where we are going. I am almost hyper to teach on December 2nd and 9th.
  • I am excited to get some new clothes for Christmas. I know that is very American and shallow, but it’s the truth. When you go from established church to church planting your wardrobe changes and I need to play catch up.  I don’t have enough trendy shirts with eagles and crosses on the shouldersJ
  • I stumbled into No shave November and I guess I am participating? I don’t want to commit so in case I shave I am not a quitter, but an over-achiever no one expected anything from.