• Francis Chan. I have never seen him when he was anything but amazing. 
  • It is great to see our 9 OB students again.
  • It was even greater to see them huddled up with our group tonight and hear their hearts together.  We touched on the tip of the iceberg how we can take Micah 6:8 home.
  • Micah 6:8 is a passage that can really kick your butt when you look at some situations around the world. I am trying to decide what it means for me and HSM to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.
  • Aaron Shust is a manly worship leader.  He has a different refreshing quality than most guys these days.
  • Having said that I am waaaaay to excited for Steve Fee to be here.  Like Francis he is gifted at putting the emphasis on God and it is exciting to be around.
  • I have a man crush on Steve Fee.  I also have one on Albert Pujols.
  • I taught a sponge session called lovedatinglustsexmarriage!  today.  I think it went well. I heard positive things. Had around 250 so I was happy with the turnout.
  • Dave Nicodemus and I are doing the pre-session openers this year. So far we have done “what would you do for a Monster?”, singing bee, and stupid human tricks. It has been tons of fun to get to interact with the conference. I would say the tricks one tonight was the most fun.
  • Sorry Mom, still haven’t put the pics up of Malachi or vacation.
  • Fighting a cold of sorts.
  • Love my new backpack and having my mac at my fingertips all day.
  • Went for a late nite milkshake run last night with some OB leaders.
  • I took a nap today. I never take naps. I think the last time I took a nap was like April.
  • Spent some quality time with my friend Doug today. Good conversation.
  • So many people here who I want to talk and catch up with….so little time.
  • Off to bed. Kristin and I are in bunk beds.  It’s like we are back in the I Love Lucy Era



I think everyone has heard of the site Stuff Christians Like by now. I saw this post on their the other day and I loved it. I pretty much went into guitar playing/worship leading hibernation in college because of guys like the one mentioned in the post. Not that I am so awesome but it is good to be able to play and lead worship once in a while without fear of being “that guy”. 


  • Just saw a commercial that makes it look like “cool moms” get their daughters the vaccine for the HPV STD…..are you kidding me?
  • A great side effect of having a kid….Kristin watches the Bachelor online while I am at work.  I have not seen an episode yet this year…sorry to those who used my blog for anti-Bachelor sarcasm.
  • My new favorite outfit to lounge around the house in? My Kanye sweatshirt and my OSU shorts.
  • Does everyone else laugh out loud every time the redheaded guy on CSI:Miami talks?  He is like a bad Mad TV skit or something.
  • Lexi and Michayla made it here safe.  We now have a 6 month and 2 month old until Thursday
  • Jessie from Saved by the Bell is on CSI.
  • Tomorrow we are honoring Jeff Martin for 10 years on staff at Grace Church.  Jeff I hope to be like youJ
  • I need to clean the house.
  • I am speaking to some youth workers next month….I asked for some input what youth pastors would want me to talk about, but no youth pastors ever told me. I have some ideas, but want some help.  Someone help me out!


  • I love my wife
  • It was fun to lead worship today.  It stretches me every time and that is good to get out of my comfort zone.
  • It was good to see the fam this weekend
  • Had my first problems uploading a facebook album
  • It was sad to see Davidson lose, but the all #1 final four should be entertaining
  • Wore my new Ohio State hoodie today
  • Went to Wal-Mart today as the big family outing. I bought super glue and batteries.
  • I was looking today at the members of the facebook group created in honor of my balding.  It is funny who has joined since the last time I looked. Check it out!
  • Malachi got a ton of gifts this weekend
  • I caved in and took a nap today. You know I have been busy when a Sunday nap happens.
  • Got to hang out with Sean and Melissa Spoelstra tonight.  They are our ministry older siblings.  I am so excited to watch them plant a church from our church next year and get to journey through it with them.  God is going to use them in some big ways.
  • I ate some bacon from the pig Kristin’s grandpa gave us today….sooo good!
  • I don’t want to Twitter, but it seems everyone else is
  • My student ministry partner in crime Dustin is down and out with Mono and could use some prayer
  • Not ready to say this for the Browns yet, but I think it is the Indians year
  • These two posts on leadership are some of the best I have read in a while and

  • Put up some news pics of Malachi at the end of this album
  • Welp off to bed, if I can sleep after my nap


  • I get to wear my new shorts for some Thursday night basketball 
  • Lots of guests coming through Casa De Artrip all the time.  Tomorrow night I pick my brother and his wife up at the airport, next week Lexi (Oliver) Fretz will be here.
  • I have been watching sooo much Making the Band 4 and Rob and Big on recently.
  • Had the night off tonight and enjoyed it
  • Going to Wayne County this week for Malachi’s first world tour
  • Our neighbors brought us cookies tonight. I am praying for ways to minister and share with my new neighborhood
  • Excited about the chance to teach away from home a couple times in the next month
  • Malachi got some cool clothes that I get geeked about.  My mom bought Malachi some Superman pajamas and Josh and Chelsea bought him some Nike Shox to wear to Liberty Soccer games.
  • I have a huge homeowner/husband/father to-do list right now. Mostly stuff I have put on myself like laying a new patio to put my grille on.
  • Anyone have a bike they want to give me?
  • Malachi was in the car for like 4 hours today and handled it like a champ…that’s my little man!
  • Why is it I always want more sleep?


  • I am home today…the rest of the day after church.  This is the day to relax and hang out with fam.
  • I am tired because of such an awesome weekend! Our 4th annual dodgeball tournament was last night.  It went so well in fact that it will earn its own post on Monday.
  • Church was great today, we did communion in Middle Hour (our version of Sunday School) and it was a huge success for large numbers of people to take part and observe.
  • My house was TPed last night.  I went out to take pictures because they used like one roll and did a bad job, but as I was outside I discovered that we had also been egged.  Here are the pics.

When I find the guilty party I will post pics of what I do to them too.

  • My Macbook got a small crack on the corner where I lay my right arm to type.  Not big deal, I am hard on my computers and it is still under warranty so I will get it fixed for free.
  • Today is Selection Sunday for March Madness. This is exciting and I really have to be on my game. I think Kristin’s bracket has beat mine 3 of the 4 years we have been married.  I have my bracket up on facebook
  • Excited today to watch the NBA on ABC
  • In a further attempt to become the average All-American family we have followed buying a house and having our first child with subscribing to the Sunday Paper.
  • The chaos continues this week as we do our Egg Drop on Saturday and than have Easter Sunday.
  • The week after Easter I am gonna take some much needed time away since I have been skipping my day off and take Malachi up the Wayne County to meet his extended family and get away.
  • Malachi is really liking wearing no pants these daysJ
  • Speaking of Malachi check out these new pics at the end of this album



  • I love my job and I love my church but I must admit having a Sunday off due to the blizzard was a great break.
  • Speaking of breaks I have been in my house for 2.5 days straight.
  • I got out of the house today when Mike, Brandon, and Dustin and his son Ethan went sledding with me on Leather Lips hill
  • Since I grew up in the country I have observed some funny things about blizzards in the city.  First of al it never feels that bad to me. I mean there are always people 15 feet away at the house next door.  In the country we were willing to be snowed in and “hunker down” for a couple days.  People here are so consumed with shoveling that they do it before it is even done snowing.  Apparently that trip to Target can’t wait.
  • Oprah’s new show sucks!  We had it on in the background tonight and I am not a big fan of hers but between the brand she has going with her show and magazine I really expected more.
  • I think we have come through the worst part of an infant stealing our sleep.  It is not easy yet, but we are seeing improvements. 
  • I am going to the dentist tomorrow and I am so excited. I have always loved the dentist and the doctor.
  • While we were trapped inside we video chatted with a bunch of people….love that technology.
  • Speaking of technology I don’t have cable so I watch a lot of TV type stuff online.  For the last two days,, and wouldn’t load on my computer……but don’t worry they are back.
  • Talked to Johnny Nemo today.  He is thinking about jumping into blogging…Do it Nemo! Stay tuned for details and a possible link.