Brandon Rike is a designer, friend, cousin-by-marriage, and man that I respect the heck out of.

He has a blog and recently wrote some posts (post 1, post 2) that were (kind of) about design but also about life.  I think anyone who is living in the years of 25-35 (or any age for that matter) can relate to them and learn from them.

Here was my favorite quote of all….

“I must maintain a certain amount of reckless abandon when it comes to pursuing my ideas. I must be ready to learn from failures. I must not take myself too seriously. I must allow myself regular time to do the things I love. I must not be afraid to pursue an idea that pops into my head. I must stay a little crazy. I must stay a little foolish. I must not turn my career in design into a corporate rat race job – I am an artist, and it’s okay to act like one every now and then. Finally, I must be okay with doing less freelance client work if it means that I can fulfill other passions.”



When I was little I would look forward to Camp so much that I would get uncontrollably hyper and run and skip around my house as I packed my suitcase the nights before I left.  Times have changed so I don’t skip around the house anymore but I am extremely excited for the Momentum Conference this week.  Here are some reasons…

  1. Unfiltered time with our students-It is a long week so tons happens as far as relationships being, commitments made, and it is so cool to be there and get to process it all together in preparation for the school year launching.
  2. Mark and Dave-I hope it doesn’t sound too selfish but I just love the time that Dave and I get to have on stage adding a fun element to the week. We have been planning for months and have some awesome videos and moments planned. I will update with some of that stuff this week, as it is unveiled.
  3. Seeing my peoples-There are friends from all over the country from ages 16-80 that I will get to connect with. I love connecting with pastors and other people doing ministry and talking over afternoon breaks. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with Marty Dent?
  4. Sessions-the strength of every conference is the teaching and worship and this one is no different. I am excited to hear Aaron Keyes in person and also Jeff Bogue and Mark Batterson.


10) Re-organized several rooms in our house – This has involved the purchasing of more shelves and storage bins than any other time in my life

9) Held a Neighborhood Bible Club (NBC) at my house – This is rewarding and exhausting all in one. I love that my church empowers people, develops leaders, and accomplishes our visions by working in relationships and neighborhoods and not doing a traditional VBS.

8) Swimming with the family – Malachi loves water so we have been swimming so many times I am growing gills.

7) Planning for the fall – I will roll a bunch of this stuff out in the coming weeks but I have been strategizing for the fall as it relates to HSM.  Everything from what positions we need people in, who will fill those spots, how we can create systems that accomplish our vision, and our teaching calendar.

6) Behind the scenes stuff for our summer trips – I didn’t go on these trips but I still get to play the behind the scenes roll in some ways for our trips to Urban Hope in Philly, YWAM in San Fran, and Vision Trust in the Dominican Republic. Excited to see how God uses these trips post-trip.

5) Hanging out with College people – We have tons of Grace Church people home so it has been awesome having them at our place from time to time. I hooked some up on blind dates and just invited others over for campfires.  I have been downtown and on campus more this summer than in my first 4 years here combined.

4) Prepping for first coffeehouse show since I moved here. Next Friday July 9th at Espresso Yourself in Powell, me and 11 others are doing a singer songwriter night so come and check it out from 8-10.

3) Prepping tons of stuff for Momentum – Dave Nicodemus and I have put in more work than the other years combined and I am hoping it really results in some great memories and fun times on stage.

2) Following the Lebron James free agent saga and trying to not cry and get so nervous I throw up.

1) Not blogging at all. Sorry I have been busy and catching my breath from the year. I’ll be enthused and back in the fall but a guy needs a little time for himself. Follow my twitter if you really want to know what I had for breakfast


Here are my top posts of the year. No real surprises here, looks a lot like my top posts of all time.

Some thoughts…

1) Still breaks my heart to think about Emma’s passing.

2) I do find it interesting that in the last few days the post announcing Canaan’s birth finally passed the one announcing Malachi’s birth.

3) Here’s hoping that Travis Davenport has some success this year and can break into the top 5 🙂

  3. 5 Dysfunction’s of a Team
  6. Canaan Joshua Artrip


I am late to the Thanksgiving game but just this weekend the Holy Spirit (my pastor spoke from Psalm 103) prompted me in a spirit of being thankful so I wanted to make a list as much for myself as anyone else. I hope this list encourages you to do the same.

I am thankful for…

  1. God’s love-read this and tell me you aren’t thankful
  2. A wife who loves me, supports me, is hot and gives me kids in 20 minutes. She is my best friend.
  3. Canaan’s safe delivery
  4. Malachi-it is so awesome seeing his personality come out. He is musical, he is a people person, and he is a lover.
  5. My parents and siblings on both sides.
  6. A great church home
  7. A great church home to work at-I am cared for and treated better than absolutely every other pastor I know. It isn’t a money thing, but a culture thing.
  8. A senior pastor who cares for me and my family.
  9. The team I get to work with.
  10. A high school ministry that God is working in.
  11. Being able to see college students and young adults run after God years after they have been gone.
  12. 2 working cars
  13. A great home
  14. My Grace group
  15. Friends


So much going on that it can only be summed up in a bullet point post…

  • HSM launched with our first Wednesday night this week.  It was so awesome to watch it unfold.  I am blessed to work with Vickie Darrough who created so much atmosphere the night was great before it started and I can’t wait to see what she does every week with our room.
  • I am speaking at the Worthington Christian freshmen retreat tomorrow…should be fun to hang out with them.
  • Tonight I got to watch The Liberty Patriots Soccer Team I help coach “upset” the #1 team in the state. So fun to watch those guys reap the benefits of hard work.
  • Who wants me to come to their house to watch the VMA’s since I am too cheap for cable?
  • Making the pilgrimage back to Wayne County and Wooster, Ohio this weekend for my first Wayne Country Fair in a 9 years.
  • My Grace Group (adult small group) is meeting again tomorrow and taking shape.  I am excited to watch people get connected to our church and find community.
  • Kristin got one of those seats that goes on the back of a bike today. Malachi loves riding in it. I will have to put up some pictures soon. 
  • Kristin loves her bike. I bought it with a coffee can of change when right before we got married.
  • Talked to my friend Jordan today.  I was really challenged to keep seeking God’s will.
  • Speaking of Jordan his blog reminded me to remind me you all to check out my friend’s band US Royalty.  I think they are great and expect them to “make it” whatever that means in this day and age.
  • I think I am going to be speaking at my friend Doug’s high school retreat this winter.
  • Time to get to bed!



  • Francis Chan. I have never seen him when he was anything but amazing. 
  • It is great to see our 9 OB students again.
  • It was even greater to see them huddled up with our group tonight and hear their hearts together.  We touched on the tip of the iceberg how we can take Micah 6:8 home.
  • Micah 6:8 is a passage that can really kick your butt when you look at some situations around the world. I am trying to decide what it means for me and HSM to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.
  • Aaron Shust is a manly worship leader.  He has a different refreshing quality than most guys these days.
  • Having said that I am waaaaay to excited for Steve Fee to be here.  Like Francis he is gifted at putting the emphasis on God and it is exciting to be around.
  • I have a man crush on Steve Fee.  I also have one on Albert Pujols.
  • I taught a sponge session called lovedatinglustsexmarriage!  today.  I think it went well. I heard positive things. Had around 250 so I was happy with the turnout.
  • Dave Nicodemus and I are doing the pre-session openers this year. So far we have done “what would you do for a Monster?”, singing bee, and stupid human tricks. It has been tons of fun to get to interact with the conference. I would say the tricks one tonight was the most fun.
  • Sorry Mom, still haven’t put the pics up of Malachi or vacation.
  • Fighting a cold of sorts.
  • Love my new backpack and having my mac at my fingertips all day.
  • Went for a late nite milkshake run last night with some OB leaders.
  • I took a nap today. I never take naps. I think the last time I took a nap was like April.
  • Spent some quality time with my friend Doug today. Good conversation.
  • So many people here who I want to talk and catch up with….so little time.
  • Off to bed. Kristin and I are in bunk beds.  It’s like we are back in the I Love Lucy Era


  • Just saw a commercial that makes it look like “cool moms” get their daughters the vaccine for the HPV STD…..are you kidding me?
  • A great side effect of having a kid….Kristin watches the Bachelor online while I am at work.  I have not seen an episode yet this year…sorry to those who used my blog for anti-Bachelor sarcasm.
  • My new favorite outfit to lounge around the house in? My Kanye sweatshirt and my OSU shorts.
  • Does everyone else laugh out loud every time the redheaded guy on CSI:Miami talks?  He is like a bad Mad TV skit or something.
  • Lexi and Michayla made it here safe.  We now have a 6 month and 2 month old until Thursday
  • Jessie from Saved by the Bell is on CSI.
  • Tomorrow we are honoring Jeff Martin for 10 years on staff at Grace Church.  Jeff I hope to be like youJ
  • I need to clean the house.
  • I am speaking to some youth workers next month….I asked for some input what youth pastors would want me to talk about, but no youth pastors ever told me. I have some ideas, but want some help.  Someone help me out!