They don’t have it in my size…



I stole this idea from Corey’s post on his blog, but I couldn’t’ help it because it has been on my heart and in my prayers a ton since Malachi was born. Check out this recent picture of Malachi that Ashley and Coty took at the grand opening of their photography studio. Is there a cuter baby? I don’t think so.

Here are 5 things I want for my son.

1. I want him to know God and love God. This sounds cliché but I am learning a lot about this recently. I don’t want him to love the things God gives or know Christianity, I want him to now God and who He is and love him. It’s crazy to think that as a father for better or worse I will model a father (even a heavenly one) to him..

2. I want him to be an influencer and leader of people. I know its selfish and who doesn’t want their kid to be president, but I pray it anyway. I love to stand over his crib and watch him sleep and pray for his leadership just thinking of the things he could do.

3. I want him to find a great wife. I know that his wife will be his other half and greatest partner. I want him to find a wife who will love him, serve him, strengthen him, and complete him.

4. I pray that sin won’t entangle him. Yeah he will be human and mess up, but I don’t’ want to him fall prey to any sin issues that will wreck him.

5. I want him to love and be involved in the local church. If history is correct this will not be a slam dunk for him as a “pastor’s kid”, but I will do everything I can. I don’t believe in the local church because I work there, I work there because I believe in it. The local church is the method God chose to redeem the world. For the first 4 to come true this last one will need to be true.