I work at Grace Church with Kary Oberbrunner.  Kary is a great friend, pastor, and author. He has a new book that just came out and I wanted to take a second to let people know about it. Not because you should listen to me, or because my blog is where you find direction in life, but because I believe in his writing and because I am passionate about the subject matter.

Here is a quick bio on the book..

Do you know Your Secret Name? Author Kary Oberbrunner believes that until you do, you’ll just keep feeling homesick for a place you’ve never been. The Bible explains that each of us has a Secret Name (Revelation 2:17), but only those who overcome will discover theirs. Kary’s new book (September 2010, Zondervan) reveals how you can discover yours and experience life change. Check out the video or take the free test to learn more. Many people are experiencing hope and freedom after reading Your Secret Name. Listen to just some of their Secret Stories.

Your Secret Name is a book about identity. Our identity should be found in Christ. Who He has made us and what He has called us to do should direct what we think, how we act, and how we live. Unfortunately many times it doesn’t and we let the world and our past failures, experiences, relationships, etc. decide who we are and our life’s course. I think this is the biggest area that so many people fail in and Christians have wrong. If Christians understood who we are in Christ and what that means we wouldn’t have to spend so much time telling people what to do because their actions would come as a second nature of their identity. I have already seen this book help our church in a worship setting, in outreach, in small groups, in counseling and the impact continues. I speak from experience as someone who has seen friends and people I love ministered to by this book so I would regret if I didn’t share what I consider a great resource and a book God can use in others lives.



I was recently sent a book to check out: The Greenhouse Effect-Cultivating students to lead by Mike Calhoun and Mel Walker. I was already excited about the book because Ed Lewis of CE National and Momentum fame was a contributor, but I learned to like it for much more.  I was really impressed with the wealth of experience and knowledge it pulled upon as it taught tons of different ways to push students and think about how we develop leadership. This book has several other contributors who knows there stuff that we can all learn from.

“The Greenhouse Project is the collaboration of 16 national leaders in the arena of student ministry. Each of the authors approaches the issue — How are we going to train students for leadership? They speak from unique backgrounds, and answer the question with empirical ministry.  The Greenhouse Project is the result of over a century of collective student ministry experience authored by some of the most innovative thinkers in the industry.

Mike Calhoun of Word of Life and Mel Walker of Vision for Youth edit for a think-tank that includes Jay Strack (Student Leadership University), Greg Stier (Dare 2 Share Ministries), Alvin Reid (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), Alex McFarland (Southeastern Evangelical Seminary) plus ten other authors. The sixteen chapter anthology provides a comprehensive exploration of Student Leadership dealing with topics ranging from discipleship of students, time management, and pursuing vocational ministry, mentoring girls and how to give students a Biblical foundation.”

To reserve your copy at a pre-release discount, email and receive a 1-chapter preview immediately. To receive updates about the project’s status, and insider information keep an eye on Mike Calhoun’s Facebook page, or Twitter account.


I consider it my duty to let the world know when someone I love starts blogging. 


Eric went to Grace with me, and is now the student ministry pastor at Grace Community Church in Frederick MD. Those are the things I am expected to say but the truth is I will always remember having every class together the fall semester of our senior year and how much we DID NOT pay attention.


A couple of weeks ago Tony Morgan (if you don’t read his blog you live under a rock) said he wanted to do a blog tour and make a stop in Columbus, OH. I immediately thought “hey that is where I live” and got with Kary Oberbrunner so we could try and make it happen.

Long story short it did happen and TONY MORGAN IS COMING TO MY CHURCH but I am going to be at the Momentum conference.  I love Momentum and wouldn’t miss it but I sure wish I could catch Tony and get to spend the day with he and Kary.  Simply put that sucks.

Oh well I still want everyone to come and check it out and have a good time at my church with Tony and without me REGISTER HERE.


I have been keeping this one under my hat for a while, but I can now tell the world…

My good friend Travis Davenport who is presently the college and modern worship pastor at West Hill Baptist Church in Wooster, OH is going to be planting a church.  THE BEST PART IS THAT HE IS MOVING CLOSE TO ME!

 Click on his name for the blog or follow him at once he gets the forwarding all worked out.

You can also check out his church at for the details as their launch team readies to move.