• Sunday was a milestone for Movement Church.  It was our first time in the Harmony Artistic Center holding a service in Hilliard.
  • We didn’t really publicize this service too much, we decided to work the kinks out and let things grow each week from here on out.
  • When I say we are building slowly I mean we are missing things still. We are watching spending and cash flow. For instance, we have to buy some pipe and drape to cover the giant dance studio mirror that takes up the entire wall of our main meeting room. Its awkward to look to the left. We also did Sunday we no lighting except what is installed in the room day to day. These are not eternal things but some items we hope to improve on.
  • We got into our building Saturday night around 5:30 and made a ton of trips from all the houses and places we were storing our stuff. We got all set up and even did some quick sound checking. We left around 1am knowing we were already set up and could “sleep in” compared to what will now become the new normal.
  • I mentioned we didn’t really advertise Sunday, but we had a good amount of visitors and saw some people we have connected with in our short time in Hilliard as well as some people who found us on facebook.
  • The church is not defined by a service and I never want to glorify things above our purpose, but our team killed it in their planning and purchasing.
  • Mindy had movement kids looking like a kids party on steroids and actually got a thunderous applause as moms entered.
  • Josh had the auditorium looking like a million bucks and has set us up for not only this phase and this room but for the next phase and a bigger room if its ever needed.
  • My former neighbor Andy and his wife Silvia are doing first impressions and they can host in their sleep so their spirit is leaking already and will only get better. It is beyond cool to think that a guy I didn’t know 4.5 years ago has come to know Christ, asked me to do his wedding, joined our launch team, is leading a movement group and overseeing first impressions.
  • I could gush all night but just wanted to give an update to those who pray and are watching us from afar.
  • We are building slowly and adding things each week but for where we are I don’t think Sunday could’ve gone better.  It was great for our team and a momentum builder.

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