Today is my friend Sean’s birthday.

He doesn’t really need anything other than a new wardrobe, but all I can afford is this blog post to honor him.

He is sentimental and old fashioned so he will probably print this off and make a scrapbook or Modge Podge it to a plate.

My friend Sean Spoelstra is a crazy Canadian.

Before I introduce him to others I always try to prepare them.

I describe him as a Jim Carey character from the mid 90’s who loves Jesus and the church.

They always underestimate the way he sweeps into a room and takes it over.

When he leaves they say, “you weren’t kidding!”

Sean has cared for me as a friend and mentor for 8 years now.

He is one of my sanity people that I like to tell everything too, so he has seen me at my maddest and most discouraged.

Sean is a great husband and speaks into my marriage.

Sean is a great dad and speaks into my fathering.

Sean bleeds for the church and always champions multiplication.

Sean has hands down been the most vocal and supportive of  Kristin and I planting a church.

Long before Movement Church when we were thinking about moving to Cincinnatti and/or had no idea what God could do, Sean told us he saw that in us and encouraged us to follow God.

I am grateful that God us made us friends and put you and Melissa in our lives.

Thanks for green lighting our calling and telling us we could do this when others weren’t as optimistic.

Thanks for the constant encouragement and helping me pursue God.

This blog post good for one free haircut.

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