The most common question I get the last couple months is “So how’s the church plant going?”  The other day I was sharing with a friend what our calling, transition, and first few months in church planting have looked like. As I verbalized it to him, I realized it was a blog post in the making and actually proclaimed to him “I have to blog about this”.

One of my biggest lessons in life that others have invested in me is that people need to continually do things that make us depend on God and require faith, because when we do we are forced to see and depend on Him in new ways and that grows us. 

I often bring this concept up when people ask me questions about what they should do or what decision is the best. When I was a student pastor I would always tell students they should go on one of our summer ministry training trips for this reason. Sometimes it was freshmen going away from home for the first time and other times it was juniors and seniors going away for a month or more on other trips and taking intentional steps to trust God more.  The process is the same for adults venturing into ministry for the first time or pushing their leadership and comfort.

What I have appreciated about the journey of my family over the last year is the necessity of faith for what we are doing right now. I wish I could say that I always live by faith and I trust God in all I do. It would sound awesome to say I don’t get comfortable but that isn’t reality. I think this has been a great season of depending on God continually because the situations and circumstances continually require it in one way or another.

For some faith can be a discipline while for others they may need to put themselves in a situation that makes it a necessity. That is where we are right now and I am loving it.


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