The funniest thing someone has ever said to me in my ministry career is “attendance doesn’t equal commitment”.  It happened a few years back when a lady wasn’t happy with me and my wife for asking the students in our small groups to commit to the group and make it a priority.  Something deep inside of her must have been rubbed the wrong way knowing that her daughter was serious about soccer and gave the church some leftovers. She proceeded to corner my wife and I separately on a Sunday morning and tell us her opinions.

“Attendance doesn’t equal commitment” she said. It broke my heart because she was saying that complete opposite of the truth and was deceived.

Imagine telling your boss, or your coach that you are supper committed, but will attend marginally.  You know the heart and reasoning behind that meeting or practice, but you have another commitment. You understand this game is a big deal, but so are Buckeye tickets.

I see this kind of marginal commitment to Church all the time. Why do we talk about our commitment to Jesus, but not back it up by spending time with his Church?

Attendance equals commitment. When you care about something you will schedule and prioritize around it.  When you are committed to something or someone you give your time to them to show where your heart is.  When you care about Jesus you will love the things he loves and you will love His Church.

In this season of startup, I have asked the Movement Church launch team to not miss one of our meetings together unless they or someone they love are in the hospital.  There is no substitute for faithful attendance because it equals commitment.


  1. Mark, although I do not disagree I believe there is an important question to ask. What or Who are we making the commitment to? For far to long I have seen people being asked to commit to a building, programs, and functions of the church instead of making the commitment about our relationship with Christ. I believe if we have an authentic relationship (commitment to Christ) then the other commitments will be organic, natural, genuine, and authentic.

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