The blog has been silent.

Change is upon us.

What have I been up to?

Time for some catch up…..


  • On July 31st I my job as the pastor of student ministries at Grace Church concluded.
  • I walked out the door with Josh Howard and drove straight to Nashville, TN for a little time away and some time dreaming together.
  • Why did we need time to dream? Because we are planting a church and if you haven’t heard me say that you live in a cave.
  • Speaking of planting a church, my blogging frequency is going to pick up like the good ole days of 2008ish.
  • Josh and I had fun in Nashvegas hanging out at Life Fitness Academy, gleaning fashion advice from Danielle of All Most Famous, and checking out the downtown honky-tonk scene among other things.
  • We also hung out with the one and only Zach Boehm and the Wally Show gang. So much fun, I will be back….if they let me.
  • After Nashville, my family and I left to go to Bald Head Island in North Carolina.
  • For the 5th straight year we were gifted a week of vacation by a family from Grace Church. They have been and still are so good to us.
  • We love Bald Head Island. This year we knew what to expect, how to get there, and how to enjoy it this year so it was even more fun.
  • We went to the beach, swam in the pool, drove a golf cart around the island, hung out as a family,  watched some cable, and worked out every day. That is my idea of a vacation.
  • On the way to and back from vacation we also stopped and saw our friends the Hyser’s and also visited their church Elevation Church.
  • We did that last year so we attended Elevation 4 out of 54 weeks. Not to go all fan boy, but it is always encouraging to be there and I learn a lot and take mental and literal notes.
  • They really do honor everyone, including pastors who visit, and I was blessed because of it.
  • Last week I broke in the home office and eased back in to Hilliard life again.
  • I have my office all set up and made a little sign I have been dreaming up.
  • I even got Josh Howard’s area ready to go.
  • This week I feel ready to go and have some patterns set and have adjusted to home.
  • Sunday we will be commissioned at our sending church Encounter and meet in their building every week from now until the end of the year.
  • I love my life right now, I love what God has called us to and I am excited for the fall and the future.

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