A couple months ago the Artrip’s announced we were transitioning from staff at Grace Church this summer and moving to Hilliard to plant a church. Since January lots of stuff has happened and some details are coming together. I thought I would give a little Movement Church/Artrip family update for those who care…

  • People always ask me what is going on with Movement Church. In time there will be plenty, but for now day to day there isn’t much…and that is for a reason. I am still on staff on Grace Church and staying fully engaged there. In the past months since the announcement I actually jumped back in the worship rotation, had a middle school and high school outreach event and even hosted a candidate who may be my replacement. I am trying to be very strategic about everything I do in these last months from teaching, to leadership development and recruiting people for next year.
  • On Friday February 24th we sold our house at 2, bought our new one at 4, and began moving with many friends at 6. We officially slept at our new home Saturday the 25th.
  • The boys love our new place and we are settling in slowlyI have been hanging curtain rods like life depends on it.
  • The things I am doing for Movement Church are mostly networking and fundraising now.
  • I am also chipping away at operational stuff at night and on days off like a hobby or part time job. So far we have our EIN number, opened a checking account, sent in our state paperwork to incorporate, and are wading into the facility rental game.
  • We also got our launch team together for the first time and hung out.
  • April 22-26 we will be traveling to the Exponential Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Now….you are officially up to date.

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