Once upon a time I used to do a little something called mind dump and I feel like its time again, so here we go….

  • This fall has been a learning curve taking over middle school and doing high school too. I went through the predictable phases – digging in, overwhelmed, and as of two weeks ago I found normal and settled in. Not saying I have it all figured out but I know the new normal.
  • I know some people are reading this and thinking “I do 6-12 he’s a whiner”. I might be but all I know is the scope and size of our ministry had afforded me the chance to specialize for a while and it is amazing the differences.
  • I get 10 times amount of questions and contact from middle school staff and parents, it is just a different fascinating beast. Luckily I have had Dustin next door to dump on and ask questions. He did it for 8 years and didn’t get fired or burn the church down.
  • I am finally settled in enough I might lead worship again soon. I haven’t done that since June and I have missed it. So tempted to break out spoken word for the offertory on whatever day that is.
  • We have new websites up at hsmpowell.com and thezone68.com if you haven’t seen them yet I love them. Kudos to Gabe Taviano.
  • Kalahari is coming up Feb 3-5. I am really excited about this year because we have some great new churches on board. More churches means more people which means we can do some of the things we haven’t been able to do in the past.
  • Speaking of things coming up Momentum is far off but I am really excited about the lineup of speakers that is coming together. Erin Cooper and the team are working hard and it shows with Francis Chan and Greg Stier on the schedule. I am pumped.
  • My grandma came down for the weekend and just hung out for 4 days. It was great to slow life down and just enjoy being with her.
  • Slowing life down is so tough. I have been thinking about it as our church is preaching through Philippians and Rick is talking about our schedules. I am looking at my schedule and my hours that are busy but don’t produce fruit. I think people would consider me a people person but I am really convicted about the way I share my faith inside of my schedule.
  • Speaking of bearing fruit, you know I am a sucker for hip hop clothes. I want this shirt for Christmas. Get it? Bear Fruit!
  • I’m out.


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