This past week Kristin and I had the chance to go to the Story Conference. The story conference is the brainchild of Ben Arment and is held in Chicago. It was great week for Kristin and I so I thought I would mind dump all my thoughts post conference.

  • It is so great to be at a church that values me getting away and trying to get better at my job.
  • It was also great to be able to have time away with my wife. I love when she get to see and experience the same things I do so we are on the same page and can maintain the same vision.  We also had a couple of nights in Chicago without kids…very nice.
  • How could we both go to this conference you ask? We were hooked up with volunteer positions by our good friend and Grace College’s own Gail (Smith) Mayes and also stayed at her house and finally got to meet her awesome husband Jason. They took great care of us and wouldn’t even let us pay for most of our meals, so all we had was 3 tanks of gas, some tolls and a few other things. HUGE BLESSING.
  • It was great to see the behind the scenes of another conference and I hope it can make me better at the others I am involved in.
  • Part of our job was playing host to speakers and making airport runs.  That was great to meet people and have some selfish time with them.
  • Kristin got to play host to Lauren Chandler (wife of Matt) and really had a good time.  I think we were both impressed by how engaging and gracious she was to us. She made us talk about ourselves the whole ride.
  • As far as the conference, it was great. Its hard to explain why because it is not a typical pastor’s conference. I didn’t come back with a list of 7 things that I am going to tweak in our systems.  Instead I feel like my creativity tank is full again.  I rubbed shoulders with people who are outside of my normal lane but still in the church and Christian non-profit world who are way more creative and doing things much different than me. Got to see music, screen printing, storytelling, worship leading, speaking, filmmaking, lights, stage sets, and so many things that just inspired me.
  • I also came home with a bunch of non-cotton great t-shirts so in a shallow way that is a success for me right there!
  • Great week, great conference, great people, great friends, thanks God.

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