In honor of the passing of Nate Dogg this past week, I am decided I would ask some questions. I can’t make it all the way to 21 like him and 50 cent did, but I can try…..

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

  1. What does it look like for a middle school ministry and a high school ministry to be separate by design and yet overlap and tied together in some healthy ways?
  2. No one wants to get caught up in the numbers game, but it indicates something when you see a dip so what can I learn from it?
  3. What needs to change in our high school worship service?
  4. What should the teaching calendar look like for next year?
  5. Why do people insist on signing up late for trips and events?
  6. Why did I sign up to send my wife to Miami Florida for 6 days and agree to watch the boys 24 hours a day? Just kidding I am super psyched for the man time.
  7. Who will be the new adults that step up to work with our student ministry next school year?
  8. What should the summer calendar for student ministry look like?
  9. Would people come to an outdoor thing called Bonfire Bible study? Just shameless outdoor games, food, bonfire and going through passages. Stripped down stuff that isn’t our usual programmed flavor?
  10. Once we have streamlined digital check-in how do we follow up in a way that tells students we are glad you came, we are being creepy and stalking you and hope to see you again?
  11. Once people are in the system, what reports do we publish or how do we track trends and people who have been recently missing?
  12. How much longer should I pretend I don’t have a shaved head until I shave my head for life?
  13. Will I remember my birthday this year? I usually forget until noon or so.
  14. What will I do this Wednesday when HSM is canceled for spring break? I don’t know what to do with a free Wednesday night.




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