• Enjoying my day off.
  • We took some new family pics today with Ashley and Coty our friends at Henry Photography.
  • I guess I need to blog about why we NEEDED the pictures. We have also been doing a bunch of paperwork….that entry will be coming soon.
  • Going to the CELS conference at CE National this Sunday-Tuesday.
  • Looking forward to some time away, but not looking forward to being away from my family. I wish I could take them everywhere and stay on schedule…not happening.
  • Been working on lots of thing for Momentum including sessions and some promo videos we will film and roll out after CELS.
  • Working on the parody songs for Momentum also. I want to take it to the next level so I am hoping Dave and I can do one for every session.
  • HSM is starting a new series this week called relationsLips
  • Josh Howard is going to break out some love song covers
  • Recently I have had a number of students bring up that their friends “feel bad” or “convicted” after we teach on things at HSM.  I am a people pleaser and don’t ever want to offend people, but I know that we are pretty straight forward and handle God’s word right so I wasn’t sure what to say. I don’t convict, the Holy Spirit does, and I wasn’t even teaching some of the times they were referring to so I wanted to just tell them to take that up with God.
  • Went on our first bike ride yesterday. Check out this pic
  • I have jumped back in the saddle as one of our worship leaders. I will lead 3 more times before I fade out. We are still looking for a worship guy.
  • I know this is going to be one of those Apple comments that makes people hate us, but the day that I have an apple computer and phone at work my life will be better. This Blackberry is killing me right now.
  • Here is a glimpse into my glamorous life. Dinner-homemade chicken pot pie, and than its off to the Y with the boys.  Mom is going to clean and is pretty excited about the bachelor tonight.

4 thoughts on “DAY OFF MIND DUMP

  1. I love it when you talk about Apple like it is some sort of religion, what is this ‘we’ stuff. Is there another book of the Bible written by James on “How to live a productive life” called iJames? Dude, it is just a tool.

    Love you bro! 🙂

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