The Grammy’s were this past weekend. I love watching the show and I tweeted a lot during the ceremony. If you didn’t catch it I thought I would recap here. They are in descending order. Follow me on twitter.

  • All the members of Arcade Fire must have the greatest prayer lives ever? #grammys #musicthatidontcareabout
  • @courtneycherest @sarahknepper yeah but they are seat fillers:)
  • The target.com commercials for wigs intrigue me. I wondered how long till Lady Gaga and Katy Perry brought them into white culture too.
  • Didn’t care about arcade fire until I realized they had a redhead in the group. #grammys
  • Its bad on most networks, but the placement of CBS personalities from their shows on the #grammys is shameless.
  • Been praying for @lecrae to be light and network at the #Grammys
  • I read that Lady Antebellum would win because most voters were divided on the record of the year but Nashville would unite. #grammys2011
  • @kristinartrip gets mad just seeing Jennifer Lopez with Marc Anthony or even talking about and acknowledging they are married. #grammys
  • Did anyone see Eminem smile tonight?….me neither. Great Lyricist but he looks like he might kill somebody 🙂 #grammys2011
  • I have never understood the Barbara Streisand thing. Sorry, I just don’t get it. #grammys2011
  • After upsetting Drake and Bieber for best new artist, it is safe to say Esperanza Spalding can never go to Canada again.
  • Dr. Dre and Eminem-So Good! #grammys2011
  • Is John Mayer trying to look like a creepy Johnny Depp? Wait a creepy Depp would be the normal one.
  • Cee-Lo just solidified his status as the black, chubby Elton John in that outfit.
  • Man the bearded buy in Lady Antebellum sure looks like Lance Bass. #grammys2011
  • I am trying to explain to Ross Owen why “American Honey” is a great song. He is indifferent and wants to talk about U2.
  • When Lady Gaga won, she (and her reaction) seemed normal until she stood up and we were reminded by her outfit she is a little different.
  • I have the same purple zipper suit that Usher is wearing…ironic!
  • I am defending Justin Bieber to everyone at our house watching the Grammys.
  • Question: Should I go buy a monacle like B.O.B. wore tonight?
  • Its still crazy to me that Muse is an arena touring and Grammy band now. They are good, but I just have them trapped in theaters forever.
  • Miranda Lambert is gonna deservedly win like 7 Grammy’s and non country people will be confused what is going on. #grammys2011
  • And as soon as I open my mouth Christina falls as the song ends and the camera pans away. She can’t win. #grammys2011
  • Christina Aguilera just ripped that Aretha tribute! #Grammyredemption Hudson was impressive too.


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