MIND DUMP 2-9-11

  • Last year I felt like every year I was gushing every Wednesday and coming home to write a mind dump. That hasn’t been the case this year but tonight was easily our best Wednesday of the year.
  • We went through a hard identity crisis this fall. It was from turnover of people, a senior class for the most part that is M.I.A. and it all lead to no group identity and no leadership.
  • We have risen from the ashes of that and for the first time this year I could see obvious momentum and see who we are and where we are going toward next year.
  • Tonight was week 2 in our James series.
  • Sarah Knepper taught tonight and freaking tore the roof off the place. It was so good I am going to start getting resume togetherJ
  • Tonight for a game we just showed this video and had everyone dance along to the prompts. I can’t wait to do it at Momentum with Dave and 1500 friends. It connected really well.
  • Everything is better post-Kalahari
  • Had some great conversations with people tonight. Finally seeing the prayer patio be what we wanted 2 years ago when we started it.
  • The Beckley’s are coming over tomorrow. I love them. If my sons don’t marry their daughters my world be shattered….seriously.
  • Some great conversations at staff meeting this week. The last year has been weird and I think Grace Church is emerging on the other side of that.
  • I met with Andrew Siders today for discpleship. We had to throw our plan out the window and go help someone in need. That is discpleship too.
  • One of the best parts of my job is the moments when you remember the younger version of someone and are able to see how far they have come. Will Hejduk played drums for the first time tonight. He played his heart out and is still only a freshmen but its neat to know he has been working toward that for years. Kenzie Muckway is becoming quite a worship leader. I can’t help but wonder what we could become in college at some great church in Texas.
  • So much going on right now. I wish I could work an extra 10 day this week and do it all. Right now I am deciding what can go undone, but I really need to do it all.
  • Today was Malachi’s 3rd birthday. I think he only half understood the concept but it was so fun to celebrate with him.
  • I am going to get some fake black rimmed glasses and rock them better than Dwayne Wade and Justin Bieber combined….get ready!



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