Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to drive up to Lima and take in the Reach Records Unashamed tour. In one word it was incredible so I thought I would scribble down some thoughts…..

  • The concert was put on by my friend Tug Taviano and his organization Rock4Food.
  • Rock4Food just got their 501c3 and is taking what they do to a whole nother’ level.
  • Tug is always putting on shows and telling me to come up. Every time I want to go to one it seems I have something going on. Last time he brought in Lecrae and the guys it killed me to not be there so this time I promised myself I would not miss it since I and the rest of American are increasingly aware of how awesome they are and wanted to see them perform.
  • I hadn’t missed an HSM Wednesday yet this year and I actually like to miss one a semester to make sure I am not building a program dependent on me.
  • I remember seeing the DC Talk Jesus Freak tour in 1996 and hearing it was the biggest Christian tour to that point and knowing it would change the game forever.
  • This tour was doing things that Christian hip-hop has not seen. Venues sold out, crowds over 1,000, good production, and showmanship.
  • As an added bonus Tug had John Reuben come up and open the night. It’s always good to see Johnny Reubonic.
  • I knew Tug was going to take care of us and roll out the red carpet. I love to be treated well at a concert (sad truth I have entitlement issues) but I wanted to see someone else spoiled so I took a guy from youth group (Sam Moore). Watching same eat backstage, drool on Lecrae, sit in on pre-show devotions with the guys, and pretend to battle at the end of the night was so fun for me.
  • Mark Clayton (receiver for the St. Louis Rams) was there and partnered for the show. It was great to get to talk to him and just see his demeanor and walk up close. Love seeing guys who are great NFL players living for God.
  • Speaking of devotions with the guys before the show it was so refreshing the see their hearts and get to pray with them. I have been at shows where the guys on stage don’t deserve the platform but this was the complete opposite.  The whole night was focused on Jesus and glorifying his name.
  • It is so great to see people talking deep theology in music. Cross Movement started it and I even heard Lecrae say they were his blueprint, and all night I honestly felt like I was being fed and not just entertained.
  • Many have heard of Lecrae after he has some albums under his belt, has been featured on CNN, topped two Billboard charts, and made waves on itunes. If you haven’t you need to get these songs.
  • From Lecrae’s new album Rehab – High, Children of the light, and Background
  • From Trip Lee’s album Between Two Worlds – The Invasion and Snitch
  • From Sho Baracka’s album Lions and Liars – The rising and Kobe Bryant on em
  • I could go on all day but I had fun, was ministered too, and my inner 10 year old hip-hop head had fun. A great night and I can’t wait to do it again.


  1. Mark,
    We saw the same concert. I couldn’t believe it. The night we went the crowd was so big that over 1,ooo people were standing outside waiting when the concert started. LeCrae and his group announced that they wanted everyone to hurry after the show and leave quickly. They had decided to do a complete second show to accomodate those that couldn’t get in. Caleb and I were disappointed, certain that they would shorten “our” show to make this happen. After almost three hours we knew we had got the whole show. As we walked out, it was almost 10:30, and these guys were getting ready to do it all again. The crowd had thinned quite a bit, and I felt disappointed that these guys would probably be doing a full show for a smaller crowd. I am sure it didn’t disappoint them at all. These guys are really doing ministry and not performing Hip Hop for fame and fortune. -Jim

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