1. I work at a church where I got to beat box as an illustration for my teaching on a Sunday morning.  I know all youth pastors get frustrated sometimes but as I was beat boxing I was thinking wow I am lucky to be in this place. You can download the message here.
  2. We had a great crowd at our grace group last night. Our group multiplied each of the last two years so it felt so rushed and different. That was awesome, but I love that this year we are going to settle in and put our crap on the table. I think this season is more about slow leadership development. I want to look back and know that 4 guys in my group are leading groups in 3 years.
  3. I haven’t been to my ministry conference for this year yet. I missed Catalyst and Story (probably my first two choices) so I am considering Drive, The Whiteboard Sessions (if it happens), or Unleash (if it happens) +visiting some sweet churches in the south.
  4. Kalahari 2011 is coming. I love the results I see in my students. It is never just an event. I love the weekend, I love the churches we work with, I love the pastors and friends I’ve made.
  5. I have more friends and awesome people to hang out with than I know what to do with. Might sound weird but I now young pastors who feel isolated in their part of the country or in their own church. I have opposite problem. I have 3 small groups worth of people in my church, our staff, my youth staff, pastors in the NCO, local family, and local friends. I am a blessed man.
  6. God has been growing me a ton. I have mentioned in previous posts it is a different season of ministry but I can see the fruit and lesson from it as I am walking and I am thankful.
  7. I am happy musically. As promised this is weird and random but with my personality if I am not doing something musically I get frustrated over time. I am leading worship and loving it, and my friends and me have done 2 coffeehouse shows since summer. Now I just gotta make my EP before I turn 30.
  8. Canaan is almost one. For us this marks a shift in parenting with nursing, etc. I had it for a few months after Malachi but this time it should be longer.  Freedom, date nights, flexibility…oh how I have missed you.
  9. I get to teach a youth module for The National Institute in January. I want to always be investing in up and coming people and those younger than me and I like that this class happens and makes sure I am doing it.
  10. We are upping our game at our church and (re)building our student ministry team and oversight. We have some great people signed up and some I didn’t now if we could get or not.  We reeled in the big catches
  11. MY WIFE IS HOT….bonus

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