When I was little I would look forward to Camp so much that I would get uncontrollably hyper and run and skip around my house as I packed my suitcase the nights before I left.  Times have changed so I don’t skip around the house anymore but I am extremely excited for the Momentum Conference this week.  Here are some reasons…

  1. Unfiltered time with our students-It is a long week so tons happens as far as relationships being, commitments made, and it is so cool to be there and get to process it all together in preparation for the school year launching.
  2. Mark and Dave-I hope it doesn’t sound too selfish but I just love the time that Dave and I get to have on stage adding a fun element to the week. We have been planning for months and have some awesome videos and moments planned. I will update with some of that stuff this week, as it is unveiled.
  3. Seeing my peoples-There are friends from all over the country from ages 16-80 that I will get to connect with. I love connecting with pastors and other people doing ministry and talking over afternoon breaks. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with Marty Dent?
  4. Sessions-the strength of every conference is the teaching and worship and this one is no different. I am excited to hear Aaron Keyes in person and also Jeff Bogue and Mark Batterson.

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