10) Re-organized several rooms in our house – This has involved the purchasing of more shelves and storage bins than any other time in my life

9) Held a Neighborhood Bible Club (NBC) at my house – This is rewarding and exhausting all in one. I love that my church empowers people, develops leaders, and accomplishes our visions by working in relationships and neighborhoods and not doing a traditional VBS.

8) Swimming with the family – Malachi loves water so we have been swimming so many times I am growing gills.

7) Planning for the fall – I will roll a bunch of this stuff out in the coming weeks but I have been strategizing for the fall as it relates to HSM.  Everything from what positions we need people in, who will fill those spots, how we can create systems that accomplish our vision, and our teaching calendar.

6) Behind the scenes stuff for our summer trips – I didn’t go on these trips but I still get to play the behind the scenes roll in some ways for our trips to Urban Hope in Philly, YWAM in San Fran, and Vision Trust in the Dominican Republic. Excited to see how God uses these trips post-trip.

5) Hanging out with College people – We have tons of Grace Church people home so it has been awesome having them at our place from time to time. I hooked some up on blind dates and just invited others over for campfires.  I have been downtown and on campus more this summer than in my first 4 years here combined.

4) Prepping for first coffeehouse show since I moved here. Next Friday July 9th at Espresso Yourself in Powell, me and 11 others are doing a singer songwriter night so come and check it out from 8-10.

3) Prepping tons of stuff for Momentum – Dave Nicodemus and I have put in more work than the other years combined and I am hoping it really results in some great memories and fun times on stage.

2) Following the Lebron James free agent saga and trying to not cry and get so nervous I throw up.

1) Not blogging at all. Sorry I have been busy and catching my breath from the year. I’ll be enthused and back in the fall but a guy needs a little time for himself. Follow my twitter if you really want to know what I had for breakfast


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