• I am very aware how lucky I am that I get paid to do what I do for a living. Feeling so blessed and grateful for the ministry God has given Kristin and I.
  • Tonight was the last HSM Wednesday night of the school year.
  • Closed out our facedown series with God is love.
  • I talked out of I Corinthians 13 and talked to our seniors for the last time.
  • We talked about living out love as a response to the love God has shown us.  That means loving yourself as God loves you and loving others as God does.
  • I finally got to tell them that the worst part of my job is seeing them put pics up on facebook in college of beer pong, slutty Halloween, and spring break stuff no one should see.
  • These are not cases of loving yourself as the image of God or loving others.
  • The world cannot see us living empty religious love. That is a clanging gong!
  • Time got away from us and I didn’t get to embarrass our worship band and hospitality staff and tell them what an amazing job they do week in and week out.  If you guys are reading this THANK YOU!
  • Jim Heffner got on the mic and embarrassed me.  He said everyone had to give me a hug before they left.  I was honored and I am a hugger.
  • We have so many great students I am going to miss. The bittersweet part of the job.
  • They aren’t gone forever, it was awesome to have tons of our college people back and coming to the house the last two weeks. Awesome to see them grow up and start talking about marriage counselingJ
  • I mentioned that we pause Wednesday nights for the summer.  Let me explain more….We still have our grace groups meeting and they are student lead, we have 5 different trip options for students, and we have monthly gatherings for large group.  Things do not slow down, they just look different.
  • This time of year is so busy. I actually have a yearly list of things I launch into after our last Wednesday night.
  • Tomorrow Dave Nicodemus and I will have the big Momentum planning session for our pre-session antics.
  • In the next week I will also do major work at clarifying the systems, positions and job-descriptions for HSM next year.
  • This is also the time of year that we do the teaching calendar for next year and gather resources and teaching series ideas. Any ideas from someone reading this?
  • We are also launching into our college ministry for the summer. Excited about the people HSM has developed into this next stage of life.
  • Also going on the yearly shopping trip to try and make our basement music/sound and game room stuff functional again.  Some people are of the persuasion that pool sticks need tips, and mic stands should hold mics. I happen to be one of those people.
  • Doing some big planning for the 2010 Kalahari retreat in the next week too.
  • Finally diving into the world of a mass texting service. We dabbled in it before but are now committing money as email, facebook, and websites just aren’t getting it done. Shoutout to Kelly Coville for doing the admin work as it was no small task to input 500 numbers and find out their cell carrier.
  • 7 years ago, I did an internship at Wooster Grace and lived with Jake Workman’s family. This summer he is interning in Columbus so I found him a family to live with. Can’t wait to hang out with him and put him on some blind dates.
  • I actually have at least two other blind dates brewing between friends of ours I want to meet. That is definitely me and Kristin’sguilty pleasure.
  • I am so pumped for the MTV movie awards this summer. I am really digging Aziz Ansari’s comedy and writing and expect this to be a breakout night for him.
  • I mentioned a few months ago I realized I am not using creativity enough in my life. Over the next months I have arranged a coffee house show, hope to write some songs. Hope to oil paint, am going to dabble in comedy writing and filming some videos for ministry stuff. Not sure what any of it will lead to but I am excited.
  • Graduation party season is right around the corner.  Youth pastors don’t have to buy groceries for these 3 weeks.
  • So much more I could write, but I want to eat a bowl of cereal instead.

3 thoughts on “END OF THE YEAR MIND DUMP

  1. Try a series on Revelation. I really didn’t want to but ended up doing it anyway and I really enjoyed it. It’s all about Jesus and if you teach large sections at a time of the end times stuff, it actually helps avoid you and your students getting lost in all the details.

    How much do your students know about the end times and the book of Revelation?
    And how much should they know?

  2. Great stuff.

    -We use simply text for our mass texting service. SUPER convenient and works better than anything at communicating with teens.

    -I’ve been WAY into comedy lately too! You should check out some comedy podcasts (Never Not Funny, The Nerdist, Mostly Comedy, Comedy Death Ray, WTF & I Love Movies). None of these are safe to listen to in your church office…. Also, I think Steve Martin’s book on doing stand-up is reference by TONS of current comedians as giving a great picture of what that’s like.

    -What are the dates for Kalahari 2010? We’re going. Mistake not to go this year…

    -Ideas for teaching: recently we did a night where we let student experience what the discipline or silence & solitude might look like. It was – in their own words – one of the most memorable nights we had. I’m learning that when I try to plan by saying, “how can I teach this?” it ends up boring. However, if i start off by asking, “how can teens experience this?” it ends up way more engaging.

  3. you and kristen like setting people up on blind dates because you never had to endure the sheer terror of going on such a date. (i will spare you the “i was stalked by a guy with whom i went on a blind date and who drove an outback and had a beard story”)

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