MIND DUMP 3-17-10

  • Great HSM Wednesday tonight. We finished up our Satan’s Sex Ed series with a night of people sharing their stories and also a panel that answered questions.
  • Pastor Rick and Tammy came and shared their story as far as love and relationships go. It connected real well. So blessed to be at a church where our pastor not only supports me but builds students into his schedule.
  • Amanda Osswald also shared her testimony. It was awesome to be reminded of the growth in her life over the last 2 years.
  • We had double our normal number of visitors tonight.
  • Tonight there were 18 people from Dublin Scioto high school. It was so neat to talk to Taylor Evans as she remembered that 2 years ago when she was a new Christian she was the only one from her school.  I think 14 people were there tonight because of her.
  • Teaching wise tonight I just did a review of where we have been and setup our topic so everyone was on the same page. I shared that God’s pyramid is love-marriage-sex, but the world tries to put that pyramid on its head and turn it upside down.  When a pyramid is standing upside down it can break down and fall over.
  • We had a panel tonight of single people, newlyweds, college students, and older married people. It was great. We have never done anything like that. It felt like a town hall meeting that a presidential candidate would do. We seemed to have everyone’s attention. Probably because with 10 people on stage all ready to talk at any time, most people connected with at least 1 of the 10.
  • Sarah and Stacie the CE Ambassadors were on the panel tonight. It’s cool to see the roots they have with our church. From adults, to OB alum, to students going on OB this summer, and even just everyday students they know and have connected with through Momentum, Kalahari, and multiple visits.
  • A girl named Cathering accepted Christ tonight. It was awesome to see the excitement on her face and her friends Steph who brought. Can’t wait to get her in a grace group.
  • Speaking of we have like 5 groups that need to multiply. Before next fall we have to have a system that can handle 15 groups, 30 leaders, and 100 students in discipleship. I am not happy with our current system so it can’t be the one.
  • We are off next week for Spring break. It will be a good break to re-do some tech stuff in the basement and give people a breather. Our worship guy Josh can get his voice back.
  • Speaking of spring break, it’s amazing how many families go on vacation here. I don’t remember that growing up where I was from.  Even weirder is that many families leave early and skip school on the Friday before.  But even that has progressed and many are leaving on Thursday or even today (the Wednesday before) after school. That is like a 12-day break.
  • I tweeted earlier this week that I saw Dear John and it messed me up. The plot resolved so quickly at the end that I didn’t even realize it was happy. I was upset for a few days. In my sibconscious I think I was in the movie or something. I think I am over it now. In hindsight it had a happy enough ending, just not the one I wanted.  I guess I liked it. If it made me care I have to respect it.
  • I bet all that sounded weird, I am not a movie guy:)
  • Speaking of Dear John I downloaded some songs off the soundtrack. Not my usual diet of country and hip hop. Always trying to be a more predictable white guy approaching 30.
  • Malachi is learning so much right now. Letters, words, and things from his parents. It’s really pushing Kristin and I to look at words we use like “dang it” and media we consume. He’s going to make us better people.
  • I will turn 28 this Sunday. Since I was young I always thought that 27 and 28 would be the peak years of life. Young enough to be cool but old enough to have a career and young kids. Time to say hello to the back half of my peak of coolness.
  • Off to bed, headed to Worthington Christian tomorrow for chapel. Our old worship leader Bronson is in town and rocking out!

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