• Kalahari ended last weekend so its probably time I do my mind dump and recap.
  • Every year this weekend knocks me out from going full speed for 4 straight days. I have my annual post Kalahari sickness.
  • It was a phenomenal weekend. People ask and I don’t want to give some cliché answer so here is my best thesis. I love what God does at Kalahari because it seems to meet all our students where they are. Those who don’t have relationship with God hear the gospel, those who aren’t walking with him spend time in a room (small group) and experience the body of Christ. Our leaders are challenged to lead their rooms, etc. No matter where a student is it helps them take steps.
  • Every year it has grown and this year we topped 1,000. Numbers don’t matter, but that one is pretty cool.
  • The other cool number was around 20 churches coming together. A few of the bigger churches shoulder the load but it is so neat to provide that for smaller groups. I love that I get to help provide and event for my home church the way others did for me growing up.
  • One of our big churches that has stepped away might be back in next year so I don’t think 1200-1400 is out o the question. Every year God has blessed this weekend. It is the second largest FGBC gathering behind Momentum. Not really wanting to pass them anytime soon. I am too tired as is.
  • DC Curry was our speaker for the weekend and was just great. He is a magnet and I think our people connected with him in the water park, before sessions, and on stage.
  • His Saturday morning talk about taking whatever we have (based on the 5 loaves and 2 fishes) and throwing it on the ground knowing that God provides the increase, really hit me.
  • Exodus from Liberty University led worship all weekend. We kind of stumbled into these guys last year and the lineup changes every year, but they are spot on. Musically, relationally, and ministry wise they are exactly what we want in a band. Their hearts are great, there leadership is great, and the music is top notch. I can’t imagine not having them because they have raise the standard of what we do.
  • Sidebar if you want to be trained in worship leading I would go to Liberty. They have so many bands and a couple majors that are turning out quality people every year.  I am very impressed.
  • We did something new this year and did 2 meals in rooms so we could save money over the terrible catered meals. I think Domino’s Pizza was a hit.
  • We also surprised everyone with a John Reuben concert on Saturday. I love that even if you have never heard of him or his music he will not let you have a bad time at his concert.  Felt good to see 600 white people with their hands in the air.
  • The Wooster church does so much to make this weekend happen. I don’t know if most people will ever realize it. I am pretty involved and I still feel indebted for the weekend they create for my students. I won’t waste your time but if you are from another church make sure you thank Nick Cleveland and his team. They are living this thing for at least 2 weeks plus the year round planning.
  • We are already in contract for next year. Kalahari 2011-February 25-27. If you are interested in going email me.
  • The sessions this year were fun. Josh Atkins and Ben Framstad raised the bar and added a ton of stuff that was fun using media and other creative elements.
  • Josh and I got to do the music parody video that have been on this blog all week, as well as the entrance video you saw too.
  • On Saturday HSM got to do 2 things in the session. Eric Osswald shared his testimony and it was great. People asked me if I helped him write it and the answer is no. It was a 2 part English paper he wrote to share his testimony to his teacher and class. God has done so many great things in him and I see such maturity. So excited to see him be a goalie at USF soon.
  • Rachel Weng also wrote, produced, and acted in our pantomime for that same morning. It was so great. She stepped up huge and had a vision and made it happen. So proud of her for leading. She didn’t just do what God put on her heart but she empowered other people in ministry. Go Rachel!
  • Stephanie Sollanek made a commitment to be baptized. That was so cool to see her grow this last year.
  • Luke Helmuth came clear from PA. I barely got to see him but I know God is preparing him for big stuff. I joke with him that I will give him my job so any chance I get to provide an experience for him I want to do that.
  • We finally seem to have learned how to get our people registered, in rooms, with leaders, and on busses. Dustin said this year went week. I can’t wait till next year. Imagine how good we could do if we have working email and internet the week before?
  • This year was fun but I can’t wait till next year when my family might be at a stage that I can take them……probably won’t happen but a guy can dream right?

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