• There was no HSM Wednesday night last week so it was great to be back after 13 days away.
  • It amazing how a week off will kill momentum, or at least the illusion of it.
  • Numbers were down about 20%. I was amazed how many people texted me to ask if we were still on. Students have only been to school half the days of the last 2 weeks and just assume most of their lives are canceled.
  • The lesson was very straightforward out of Mark 12 on giving.  To shake up my style and habits I tried to be as simple and short as possible.  I hope this put emphasis on the text and application.
  • “God is honored when you give everything”
  • Our band shared their hearts tonight in testimony from the floor before we ever sang a note. I have so enjoyed watching those guys grow up and grow on worship and leading. It is so fun for me to see them honor God in excellence. Their sharing set the tone for the night.
  • I am crushing on the new Tomlin song from Passion “Our God is greater”.
  • The glory goes to God… our band is good. They have to be the best I have ever seen with no one over 19.
  • Next week Jim Heffner is on for a one and done week. We are doing three of those called youpick to sandwich both sides of our Satan’s Sex Ed series. Our students voted and we will be spending time on spiritual warfare, forgiveness, and worship.
  • We stole a game from the world famous Saddleback HSM tonight and broke out the trout toss where you throw a raw fish. I think it worked pretty good. We might do it again.

Tonight was one of those nights where nothing went perfect.  Transitions, order, cues, but that stuff doesn’t matter.  There was a joy in the room because the Holy Spirit was working. There was an attitude of worship and some great smiles.


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